The Ohio Independent Baptist, December 1961

dl 1110 ti r ,,· 11 .\ r· \ lt)\\ , r·111 kS l) 1" t l i-\ l, \ 11 l _. l~ l r . nrl l~lg(•11a. 11,1 ,tt1r ()f t1 ll' . · 11ll\ il' ' ' 1 at l 13i11 t1,t <. l111r{ 11 of 1 ) t' ' ~ 1( llll' ' l l)\\ ,l . \\ ,l" l}lf' ~l)C,lkl' l' tl1 t~1ll 111 tl1t' ~el1()t)l 1t.' \1, 1 nl. Il c ,, .1, t>11 tl1(' ( .11111)t1" ..1 ,, <. l' k .. 111 cl l1r·1 <.' i~ ,, l,at 11(' ._,.\\ s. u\ l \ l 11 ,t t1111 t () ( ('<l ,1r , 1 ille ,,·;.1 s n 11 t ' \. t1 t't11(•l, ~.1 tist, 111g 0 11c. I l1,1cl l1c(1rcl .... , (1111c· t111t' .. ,1, . '\\"e , r e goi11g to l1 c.l\' a 't·l1<.l<)l 0 11 t) f tl1e P d,1,· .· I be- , l it' ' l ,, <.,. alt cacl, 11,1, e a chool do,,,1 tl1 r{\ 111 1110. . . . ..I ,, ,l 11111Jr · ed ,,rith tl1e co11cer11 t1f tl1e leader .. . a ,,·ell a ,,·ith otl1er f,1ct1ln · 111e111ber ,,·ith ,, horn I talk d for a cl1olarl,· chool l1t1t 11ot at the acrifice of ae11uine Bible con,,,ic- t io11 . . . . ..I icl \ ' to edan·ille: to its leader- • hip. to it trt1stees , to its faculty, to it tt1dent bod}·, and to its supporti11g co11 tituenc)', God bl e s you and use , ·ot1 a vou contii1ue our tand 'for • • the \\'"ord of God and the testimony of J e u Christ. ' ,, --------- CEDAR\TILLE HA I TRAMURAL FOOTBALL THERE\TE BEE1 OME CHANGE MADE Intramural football, this year un– d er the able direction of Coach Cal– lan, Officiatn1g Class, has developed a better brand of football tha11 has been pla) ·ed h ere before . The teams each represent a boys' dorm, and each team has its own captain, co-captain, and coach , chosen b)t the pla}'ers. Not 01ly does each team $triv·e to d efeat other teams, but the added incenti,,e of p ersonal b·ophies for the memh ers of the \vi11- n in g team, makes the competition stiff. ~ e\v rules, in addition to b etter organizatio1 , ha\ ·e done much to make for a better game. The b iggest change allo,\·s more body co1 tact , by p er– mitting the b locker to assume a three– point stance. This sta1 ce allo,\·s the blocker to hit his opponen t lo,ver and harder. The game is also sp eed ed up b) 7 permit ting onl}' 20 seconds for a huddle, instead of the u sual 30 seconds. The addition of more uni– form flags is another great improve– ment O\~er last 1 ·ear. CED..~R, .ILLE CO-EDS HAVE A HEART A Cedar\ille College coed , J. ancy Grace \ Vra)\ recei\·ed one of the finest gifts during a r ecent "surprise'· birthday party held for her in the girl's ~ e,v Dorm. D >cc111 IJ r, 1961 A pprovecl ch ools rj ' }11'<) \l ~ ll tl1c' g<:'ll <:' I C)\tl, 1 c>f 1 1' f ,}_ le>,, ~ltt t l :. nt" sl1C' ,, n\ ,ll>lc l<> t:1]k <>\ 1 C' r tl1 ... lt' le11l1c>11c l<> l1er fath •1 i11 tl10 l ) l11l1r>I)lll{'S \\ 11<) 111 ~ll(\ l1acl11 ' t SCl' ll ~ Ill (' (' 11.1}\, 196(). .. c>111c'c>11(,. st1ggestecl cl t1rii1g tl1e 1J,1rt,· tl1,1t it ,,,ot1lcl l) 11icc if 1 a11cy t'<)lllcl t,1lk \\ itl1 1 r 11arents Re\. a11cl 1[r, . E. Gorclo11 '\' ray, \\'ho arc mis– , io11arie i11 lloilo City, Philippi11 s. II r f c1tl1er te,1cl1e a t the Doa11e Bap– ti t Bible 111 tih1te t111 cler the As ocia– tio11 of Baptists for \\torld Evangelism. The tucle1 ts soo11 collected $41. call ,,,as placed Friday evening but co11nections ,vere broken soon after her 1nother ans\vered. 'fhinkii1g that omething was vvrong, her mother cabled 1 ancy's father, who was in I a11ila a t the time. Students filled the dorm lounge to o, 1 e1flowing \vhen ancy placed the call Sahrrday at 6 p .m. and t alked six 1ninutes ,,rith her f ather. ' 'I was really surprised," ancy said. ' 'It was very nice that the stu– d ents did this. I haven't seen or spoken to my parent s for at least a year and it will be three or four years before I get a chance to see them again. J t ,vas the finest gift tl1ey coltld give!" Born in Cravvfordsville , Ind., ancy \Vent to the Philippines with her par– ents ,vhen she \vas three. Tv\'O brothers and two sisters also live in the Philippines. , v~ESTER1 MAKES BIG DE T 0 1 MORTGAGE The first step on reachb1g the goal of "Campus Free by Sixty-1'hree" ,vill b e a payment of $25,000 before next January 1st . 1any cl1urches i11 California and vVashing ton are rally– ing to tl1e challenge, and some indi– viduals ha\ 1 e n1ade personal contribu– tions . Mr. R . V. Dyer , Assistant to MAKE THE MOST • OF COLLEGE YEARS AT Ga in a Christ-Centered education with degree in ARTS*, SCIENCE**, MUSIC •offering ma jors in Bible, Music, History and the Social Sciences, English, and Physical Education. ••offer in g majors in Physical Sciences, Bio– logical Sciences, Christion Ed ucation end Business Administration. ' Also availab le : Psychology end Educo tin,.. courses. WRITE FOR CATALOG TODAY tl1 J)rcs itl ~11l , r<)l11r11 ecl in i\c>vc,n– lJc' r fro111 a s ·cc>11 cl , i~il t<> \ V,lsl1i1 g– l <>tl tl11cl re11c>1 lc.·cl a \ '<:>ry fit1 c r spc>11s from paslor5 ancl cht1rcl1 s tl1c re. '"fhe mc)1 l c1ge of $138 ,000 is presc11tl y l1~lcl by ll1e Bay Cities 13aptist Union \\ l1icl1 is a11 atrxi liar)' of the A1neric·an Baptist onvcn lion. T he oll ege horns of sixty voices is presenli11g tl1e Annual ;hristmas Concert in tl1e gymnasium at 8 ~ 00 p .n1. on D ecember 14th. The chorus will be tinder the direction of Iiss Gunver Olson, instructor in piano and voice, and will be assisted by an Instrumental Ensemble under the clirection of ~tr. Vic tor Hubbard, who is also a member of the music faculty of the College. A f eature of the pro– g1am will be a Bach Cantat a, ~'Un to Us A Child Is born. ' ' Featured soloist "vill b e Mr. Da, 1 id Flagg of Orinda . ---------- A QUIET MI D By Amy Carmichael What room is there for troubled fear? I know my Lord, and He is near; And He will light my candle, so That I may see the way to go. There need be no bewilderment To one who goes where he is sent; The trackless plain, by night and day, Is set with signs, lest he should stray. My path may cross a waste of sea, But that need never frighten me; Or rivers full to very brim, But they are open ways to Him. My path may lead through woods at night, vVh ere neither moon nor any light Of guiding star or b eacon shines; H e will not let me miss my signs. Lord, grant to me a quiet mind, That trusting Thee, for Thou art kind, I may go on without a fear, For Thou, my Lord, art al,vays n ear. - The War Cry CEDARVILLE OHI O JAMES 1 JER EMIAH, President