The Ohio Independent Baptist, December 1961

l'a \\ P-l"liJ1, J I 1 l )EPJ•: l )E ' J, 13, \l'TIS'l " :---~------~---------------------~--~- -- - Met Our New Editor J.1111 s 1, . Jc>l111~<.)tl. ·l~):.. 131 iclp. St . t l,\r, ilJc. 11.1, 1 t't'tl n1) l )<.)tt1t 'tl ccl1tc>r <>f tJ1, • t)l110 111<.1 11c·11clt. 11t l~,ll)ttsl .. 111.1rrazi1 f". l lt.' 1, tc) lJl't!lll l1i" clltltes ...... Ja11. J. ,11 tt'C{l111g l, al t)l1 l'. t)ttl- i\111"1 t 1,·\J,tt1ria. 0clitc>r lt)!. tll f' t),tsl felt Ir , .t .11, . •\11 :1lt111111tt" t>l ( "('tl,11, 111' C"c>llcgL ~ l r. J cil,11 t>tl gr,1cl11<1t 111 l t)):3 fro111 • tl1<:' l~. 11t1,t l3ilJlt.' I11~tit11t '>, ( le, cl..1 11cl. tl1 11 111<.)\ ·eel tt> ( clar, 1llc ,, l1e11 tl1e c;llt gt <. l1a11£,t cl l1.111cl.. Ile g1\1clt1at cl frc>111 ( , t tl,11, 1l)e <..1llegt' i11 19.55 t't1111 lat1cle ,, itl1 tl1e b.1tl1e1or of t1rt a11cl bacl1eltlr of tl1colog, clegree . I-le ,, ..l" 11re "icle11t of t11e ~ecl,1r, ille ol– ieg 1. lt111111i . \ 0( i,1tio11 clllcl eclitor of tl1c ".;\lt1111111 ~ e,,·. ., for h\·o \ 'e~1rs. , H .11 ·o atte11cled \~·1 itte11berg l T 11i- , c r it~ e, e11i11g cl1ool h\' O )'ears ,, l1ere 11e tt1d1ed jot11,1ali 111 a11d busi- 11e ,1<ln1i11i tratio11. Bo1,1 in Decatur Ill .. h e graduated fro111 Decatur H igl1 chool in 1940. He entered the U . . Coast Guard iI1 1942, graduated from the USCG Radio cl1ool in .l\tlantic City, . J. , ii1 1943, then sen ·ed as radioman and cryptographer on a Loran sta– tion off the coast of 1 ewfoundland. Later he ,,.ras a radioman on a cutter on submarine patrol in the Atlantic, then \\·orked as supervisor at the com- 1nunication center in ew Orleans. H e ,vas honorably discharged in 1946. He is no,v secretary to the manag– ing editor of the Springfield Daily Xe,\·s and is to continue in this posi– tion ,,,hich he has held for nearly five \'ears. ~ Prior to this he was in business \\ 1 ith his father and hvo brothers in the J. L. Johnson and Sons, Inc. , a foundn,· established in 1936. He ., started ,vork in the foundry at the age of 14 as a laborer , lat er became foreman, then was vice president for 10 vears. .. During his college years, 11r. John- 011 tra,,eled extensively through 22 northeastern states and eastern Can– ada as sales and ad\,.ertising manager for Decatur Foundry, Inc., a sub– sidial')'. He also is a deacon and Sunday chool teacher in Grace Baptist ,Church of Cedan 1 ille, a Cub Scout committeeman; on the board of di– rectors of Springfield Xe,vspapers, Inc. Federal Credit Union; and on the board of directors of J . L. Johnson and on , Inc ., Decatur Founda1y, lnc., a11d B. R . De\\ 1 es F ou11dary, Inc., all of Decatur, Ill . H e \v:1s married il1 1946 to the former J\1ary Marct1s of Lake City, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson l1ave seven children , James, Jr ., 14, Ricl1ard 13, John 12, Robert 11, Catl1y 10, David 6, and L ily 2. As former editor "''e are more than glad to turn our ,vork over to a man who h as been so evidently busy in both the secular and sp iritual realms . There is an adage t o the effect that when you wan t a job done, you turn to a busy man. \ ¥e m ight also say that ,vherever we see Cedarville graduates and t ell them Jim Johnson \vill edit the OIB, their faces light up and they testify to their confidence in hin1. Others v.., ho have never met him will feel they know him through h is testimony, which is as follows : ,, 1 IY PER O L TES'I~IMO Y " If \\'€ recC' ive tht~ \vitncss of 1nen , tl1e ,,,it11css of Goel is greater: for this is the ,vil11ess <>f 110cl ,vhic:h h(> hatl1 testifiecl of I-Iis 011 . I J<J l111 ,5:9. " p erso11al i11vitatio11 to ('ht1rc:h hy some frie11ds later rest1lted i11 my conversio11 to l1rist. cc! \\'as not brol1g l1t ltp as a Chris– tia11 , 1 citl1er <li<l I c1 ttencl (·l111rch t1n– til I ,,,as 19. It \\ 1 as the11 that Mr. a11cl 1rs. Iax Krt1tsinger ,111cl their sc>11, Ir, i11, i11vited me to ,1tte11d tl1e Riverside Baptist Cht1rch, Decatt1r, 111. First, I ,ven t t o church \vith tl1e111 , ot1t of courtesy, lat er attended 01 1ny o,, n. "Bt1t God kne,v my h eart. He kne,v I \,,as lost , i11 need of a Savior ,1nd tl1rot1gh His servan l of the Lord and the convicting p ov.,er of the 1-Ioly Spirit brought me t o a saving kno\vl– edge of Him. 111 01 e of the evening services I yielded my life to him, then la ter ,vas bapt ized and made a pt1blic confession of m)' faith in the Lord Jesus Christ . c,Then after my disch arge from the Coast Gu ard the Lord sp oke to me abou t Christian ser vice. But th ere was a lack of Bible kno\i\Tledge in my life because of my early train– ing and I believed it was the will of the Lord t o attend Bible sch ool. The doors to Moody closed ; howc, ,er my pastor , Rev. George Ba tes, sug– gest ed the Baptist Bible Institute of Cleveland. The doors op ened and I r eceived vital training in the Bible at BBI, then moved to Cedarville with the school. ,cThe L ord has been precious to me throughout my Christian exp erience. I certain ly am thankful for the faith– fu l fellowship we h ave when Christ is our Savior !" ,,, ear, • ' 'FAITH COMETH BY HEARING.' ' J ews who will not en ter a church will tune in our ' 'Message to I srael' ' broadcast s aired over 50 stations with . coast-to-coas t and f oreign coverage, including the State of I srael. 1961 marks our 25th year of broadca sting the gospel t o J ews. Mont h-to-month giving by the ,, Lord's people keeps this vital message on the ·lltC~UL SON SHEPHE.RD. air. May we have your prayerful support? I tDirector. FO'f"ty y eaTs 1.n • the Goa,,el Ministry. Send for free copy of our informative mag- r.-111 '1'1 ill!, ff, azine, MESSAGE TO ISRAEL. I (111,1, ===~-=------ MESSAGE TO ISRAEL, Inc. Box 682. General P ost Offi ce, New York 1, New York