The Ohio Independent Baptist, July 1965

airman's orner B • Ed a,d Morr 11 , Jr . Ch irrtt an , Council of T n \\ l1 .\ l ,, 11 ,l J I r I r i,, t c , 11) I i\ n ! l 1.,, l' \\t• t"'l'l' trit'I t\) Jt•~ '"'lt1,l·lf i11 l lll' t1 \ 11' 1 l l l Il • \ 1 · 1\.'. ." l' I 111 11 () l 4' l) '- i 11~'t , llJ',lll1~ . 1 ·111 111crl'l, ,cl'i11g 1 \11 rl1' t · ,1 ti1lll'. tl1c lJtlt'tl\ 1.1l,lc J\) . \' l l'l)I lt'H\i1..'(, .. 1,,tllllC h, l1c1ng \ l• ll'. t, ' l\ "l lll' \.'lll.)l "l' l.1l till' f1Cl1 ' "I .._, t\ ·,~i \ l't. it i· a r rt\ tlcgc. RC'2t:tltl, 1 • ") t • r ( ..(' t I 11 : i I ", f cn t 11 t: t . f i ncr !.!i\'l J' l'I l f1c l l.)ll.i', \ clt'l( llllCli \\l)llltl , ' lit ft 1 ' tilt t"-' t ttll.l. l cr1 t1f p1n1 )11"'? l '-.'t'i n I tc t, 't ct. 111cn of gr ~1cc a 11.._1 .... l1r1 t .111 ll1, c 1 J hlc~~ thc111! 1 hL n. thc,c brcthrc11 \\ ere JOtnctl t,, t f1c Trt1"tcc~ of H 111e and \\ }11 lllCt [l1g tht:r \\ ith Ollf - a 111 ~1 outh \. .. '",1111111ttec a l1 , , ant .. to ' CC a job ~i )flc. Ottr 't. ot1 th 0111111 i ttee v. an t tl., rc~1ch y Ltth - hundred of then1 , , c th ti and f then1 - during their 1n1pr ionnble )' ar . We n1us t help th n1 in ev f)' ' ''a) po ible to ..11... hie\ their goal . ... Our ·· enior Citizen ·· can not be 1gn red. either. There are, perhap , I .. of then1 demanding our attention and 1ntere t. But, the e have need , to . The) n1u t not be neglected . One need not fo ter one cau e at the c pen e of the other. Our heart are h1g enough to incorporate both into ot1r program·' - and our budget . Then. on1e of our brethren h·ave COVER PICTURE: Edward Morrell, Jr. laL1 nched a project that ha . . wi tho Lt t a doL1bt , enjoyed the favor of God . The cioto H il l Bapti t an1p is now a reality. While thi i an in– depend ent project the youth of our churche will benefit from it func– tion. I know it i~ the de ire of our brethren that thi , too eventually be embraced by the A ociation o our horizon continue unlimited . For many year I have yearned for a HHome for Children. - and a placen1ent ervice . Per onal involve– ment have pin-pointed the need for ..:- uch an agency. Can we attempt o much? The an wer lies within. TO– GETH ER WE CAN ! Our front cover picture repre cn t one of ' everal church librari e · being e tabli hed in our Ohio A ocia ti on of Regular Bapti t churche·"' . Picture on the cover and in ide thi OIB i ue are fron1 Fir t Bap ti t Church, iJe , Ohio. The adult ection of the library i hown her e \\ ith the librarian' de... k and vi itor left to right are Pa,tty Hus ey, a i tant librarian, Betty H arbttlak Sall y Brai nard librarian and \\ 1lliam GiJmour. THE CHILDREN'S GOSPEL HOUR, INC. Livingston, Tenn. 38570 Presenting Jesus Christ to Youth by Radio and TV Now on WSPD-TV Ch. 13 - Toledo, Ohio - Sunday 8:30 a.m. PRAY FOR THE SALVATION OF BOYS AND GIRLS Write A Card Of Thanks To WSPD-TV The Children's Gospel Hour is now on 40 radio and 20 TV stations each week. Pra that more stations wall take the program. The youth of America need to hear the Gospel now. Wrrte for further informa tion Henry C. Geiger, Executive Director The Ohio Independent Baptist . .• Publ is hed Monthly by ..• THE OHIO ASSOCIATION OF REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCHES SECOND CLASS POSTAGE paid at Xenia, Ohio POSTMASTER: Please send Form 3579 to Mrs. Charles Cunningham 602 W. George Street Arcanum, Ohio Editorial Office: Box 184 Cedarv ill e, Ohio Dead I 1ne for News: 10th of each monrh State Missionary Address: Rev. Earl D. Umbaugh 21 SO Marhofer Avenue Stow, Ohio STAFF Editor . ... James R. Johnson Box 184, Cedarvi1le, Ohio Circ1,latio1i 1 Iariager . . 1rs. Charle Cun11ingl1an1 602 W . George St. , Arcanum, Ol1iu Women'~ Fditor Mrs. Inez Mi1ner 2665 Ca11terbury Rd. Cleveland H eigh ts, Ohio 44118 Mission's Editor nev. Donald 1\1offat Cedarville, Ohio Y 01,th Editors Mr. & 1\1rs. S. L. Chaffe Cedarvi11e. Ohio Christia1i Edtlcation Editor .... ..... ......... ... ....... Mrs. Earl D. U mha1,gh Council and Officers Chairman Dr. Edward l\1orrell, Jr . Arcanum, Ohio S ecretarv Rev. Clarence T ownsend 11 5 E. Oak, Bowling Green Treasurer . . . H. R. Davison 23 Ivester Lane, Arcan11m, Ohio Missionary C hr. l\ev. Donalcl Moffat Cedarville, Ohio Youth Director . Rev. Lynn Rogers 7854 N . Boyden, Northfield, Ohio Et.lzication. Chr. , Rev. ~ ' oodrow McCaleb Elyria, Ohio OTHER MEMBERS Rev. Darrell Bice Rev. Dean Henry Rev. George Huffman Rev. T, Fred Hussey Rev. R. Kenneth Smelser