The Ohio Independent Baptist, August 1968

On t ' e f 1· nt cover . .. ; , 11 < e,l,11 ville <Jlles:.c' , ,·111<lc11ts c11.s:.<1.~c<I i,1 fJl'<l Ct ice t , a /1 i 111,! . J' /1i.~ is ,, 1>t1rt t)/ rl,e tl'ai11i11.r: 11c·c·c\\'t1r ." for st11- clc111~ 111aj c, ri11,t! i11 tltc e/e111c11/t1r)' ,111<! secc>11<l <tl'.' 1 tcac /1 i 11~ , ,,. g rc1111 . 11,/_\' recc11t/.r t/1e f'<.>lle(~c ~<1i11e,l ... ra te <l/JfJrc>vc1/ 1,1·· 1/1c tr<1i11i11.t! <>I ll ig/1 ... 'ic/1 (><>1 tenc/1c1 s. Jl 'e /1are aske<I ) , Ii ff c>rtl .I <.>1111.~o ,1. Dea 11 c> f C r<l<rrv i I le C of I £'ge f (> i,,f <>1111 ,,, ,11cJrC / 11/l.v c<>11cer11i11,r: 1/1is , ital step . Another Step Forward! By Dr. Clifford Johnson 1 ,l t J tin~ 1 t) . I 96l . the Board of they have had appropriate preparat ion. : it1cat1L n of the .. tate f h i gra nted It i anticipated that twenty will com- \:liar\ illc (."' llcge ft1ll appr val for ple te the program. hc•t h the ch~111 ntar) Jnd . c ndary T he econd ary progran1 prob ably tl;a.:htr edt1cati n pr gran1 . B gin- will grow in enrollment until perhaps n1ng ne t all it \\ 1 il l be po ible to fif ty to ixty young people will com- L n1plete a ll the reqt1ireme nt fo r plete the program each ye ar . They tate c rt1fi ati n on th- Ced arvi 11e can eek certi f ication to teach in ca111pu . f ie ld cho en fr on1 among fifteen dif- lt ha ~ l ng been ne of edar- fe rent u bject matter areas . , ille' purpo e to include teacher Dr. Me rlin Ager will head the en- traini ng. Born-agai n in tructor bo th larged Education Department . Dr. at the elen1entary and econdary Ager i a Cedarville graduate of the le\el , can and do h ave tremendou cla of 1960 and has ince received ffect~ upon ch ildren and young hi Ph.D. from The Ohio State Uni- people. ince econd ary education ha ve r ity in the field of secondary edu- been approved. the teaching ministries cation. Professors Brad Moore, Irma of Cedarville graduates can now be Dodson and Dwayne Frank will com- • mo re effective. It had been po ible plete the personnel of the depart- in previou year for Cedarville tu- ment . dent to gai n econd ary certificatio n Dr . Clifford J ohnson, Academic by par ticipating in a cooperative pro- Dean at Cedarville, noted that much gram with nearby Central State Uni- prayer, effort, and preparatio n had er ity. but the program had a num- gone into the application for secon- ber of di advantage" whioh limited dary certification. He also indicated enrollment. that thanks were clearly due to those In 1967 and 1968 Cedarville gradu- who upheld the college in prayer , ated two cla e which included over and those who worked so diligently one hund red young people certified getting the faculty, staff, facilities , to teach at the elementary level . These and equipment feady for the state , ou ng people are now making an im- evaluation team. portant impact in Public and Chri tian Day chool . Al though the e graduates Dr . Johnson al o noted that the have found empl oyme nt from coast approval was probably another im:. to coa t mo t eem to be located in portant s tep toward regional accredita- ~hool in mid-western states. It is tion. College personnel have been quite interesting that everal of the working with a consultant from the young peopl e who came to college orth Central Association on the from ome d i tance no,w have de- matter and it seems that there is now cided to stay in Ohio and teaah . interest in perhaps directing some tate approval has been granted effort toward preparation for an ex- in uch a way that next year 's seniors amination in the next year or two may begin the econdary program if by N orth Central. WANTED: 1000 Churclu!s tlwl care ahout thR Baptist Builders'Club . and the aid which it extends to other small , struggling GARB cht:1rches. Want to have ashare in the eterna I re· wards? Joi n the Baptist Bu ilders' Club and place it on your mj ss ior.ary budget. -----·--------~--------- We care! Se nd furthe r information co : P ast'or---------------- 1800 Oakton Bou l evard Des P lai nes . 111 ,no,s 600 16 Address----------- ---- City State Zip Code The Ohio Independent Baptist - Publ ishe d Monthly by - THE OHIO ASSOCIATION OF REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCHES SECOND CLASS POSTAGE paid at Xenia, Ohia POSTMASTER: Please send form 3579 ti Th e Oh io Inde p e nde nt Ba ptist Box No . 160 Xe ni a, Oh io 45385 Editorial Office: Box No. 160 Xenia, Ohio 45385 Rate s of subscription : $2 .00 per year; $5.0 for thre e ye ars ; $8 .00 for five yean EVERY ACTIVE FAMILY PLAN, $1 .15 ~ subscription; single issue 20 cents; b1c issues over one year old, 50 cents each . Your Editorial Office should have all nev. and advertising copy in hand no later tha 30 days prior to printing . Advertising rate will be sent on request . STAFF Editor . . . ... . A. 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