The Ohio Independent Baptist, December 1968

DECEMBER, 1968 VOLUME 41, NO. 2 C J w1. ! f i l l e ...) :1. :, ' • ,.. + c O 1 1 r- .. _:::,"' ... e g e F o 1 1 : L i b !'' a r• y C Ce l J. • l i 1 1 e. 0 !1 i o 4 531 THE OHIO Published by The Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches ' : ' < ' ' : ' g ® flay IDQe t.GigQt ®f illQristmas §Qtne It's dark in godless lands at Christmas The feeble sun gives way so soon To chilling glimmers of the moon, No candles offer faith a boon at Christmas time. • time: It's dark in Christless hearts at Christmas time: Though churches hold their festive rites, Though homes are lit with garish lights, Though parties liven up the nights at Christmas time. It's dark or bright for us at Christmas time As we believe or disbelieve, Reject or gladly do receive The One who came that we might live at Christmas time. O may the Light of lights at Christmas time Scatter the darkness, sweetly shine In saddened hearts - in your and mi ne, And be our guiding Star and Sign our whol life time ! • • • R lph T. ordlund 'e ' ary 5314