The Ohio Independent Baptist, May 1973

DONALD P. BAUMANN, Ph .D. Chairman of the Science and Mathematics Division Professor of Biology and Chemistry LARRY s. HELMICK, Ph .D. Associate Professor of Chemistry AUSTIN D. ELMORE, M.A.T. Associate Professor of Biological Science l . BERT FRYE, M.A.T. Associate Professor of Physical Science MAJORS BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY MATHEMATICS MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (Cooperative Program) MINORS BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY MATHEMATICS PHYSICS PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS PRE-PHARMACY PRE-MEDICINE (BIOLOGY OR CHEMISTRY MAJOR) PRE-NURSING SECONDARY EDUCATION TEACHING FIELDS BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY GENERAL SCIENCE MATHEMATICS PHYSICS COMPREHENSIVE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GRADUATES: GRADUATE SCHOOL I INDUSTRIAL OR GOVERNMENT LABORATORIES, HEALTH SCIENCES, TEACHING. DAN E. WETZEL, Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Mathematics LAWRENCE N. KILLIAN, M.S. Associate Professor of Biological Science 314 WALTER L. GRIFFETH, Ph .D. Professor of Biology EDWIN DANE HARVEY, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics ' Write for catal og EDARVILLE COLLEGE A Baptist College of Arts and Sciences Cedarville, Ohio .4531.4 • Dr. Jomes T. Jeremiah, President