The Wishing Cap

THE WISHING-CAP. 9 that he once had a papa to lean his head against when he was unhappy, and a dear mamma to wipe away his tears: but they were both dead. Yet still he had a Saviour to whom he might freely go. So he tried to lift up his heart to this dear Saviour, and laying his little head on his pillow, he fell asleep. In his sleep he had a very sweet dream about heaven: and when he awoke in the morning, he remembered these words in the Prophet Isaiah—As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort go®. Isaiah, IxaI. 13. While Charles was dressing himself, he heard a very great noise down stairs. He made haste, and running into the play-room, he found the rest of the children screaming and jumping for joy. Charlotte with a new muslin frock; Louisa with the wax doll she had wished for; James riding on a large new rocking-horse; and Edward with a coachman’s whip. “ Look here, Master Charles,” said James, “ see what the wishing-cap has brought us ! Are you not sorry now that you were such a fool as to refuse to put on the wishing-cap ?” Then the rude boy began to shout and halloo, riding up and down as hard as the horse would go; while Edward kept cutting and