The Wishing Cap

12 THE WISHING-CAP. from his horse, and flying at his brother, began to beat him with all his strength. Edward ran to his sisters for help, and James followed, continuing to beat him, and saying, “ You sha’n’t horse-whip me for nothing, Sir, I can tell you that.” At length James pushed Edward against Louisa; by which means her doll was thrown down and broken to pieces; and Edward, as he fell, caught his foot in Charlotte’s new frock, and tore it sadly. Charlotte and Louisa now began to scream and cry in their turns ; and there was such a dreadful noise, that the lady came in haste to see what was the matter. The children were all quiet as soon as they saw the lady, and very much frightened too. “ So,” she said, “ you have been fighting, you naughty children, instead of enjoying the pretty things I got for you ! You, Charlotte, have torn your frock; and you, Louisa, have broken your doll. And as to you, you naughty boys, you have been beating each other. Go up to your bedrooms ; and there you shall stay all day, and have nothing but bread and water. As for the rocking-horse and the whip, I shall send them back to the shop.” So the four children were taken up to