The Wishing Cap

6 THE WISHING-CAP. dren sit round her, she put her hand into her pocket and pulled out a sheet of white paper. She then folded up the paper in the shape of a cap, and holding it up in her hand, “ This is the wishing cap,” she said; “ you shall put it on, and try what it is good for. Come, who will be the first to wear the cap ?” Then the lady placed the cap on Charlotte’s head. “ Now,” said she, “ think! what do you wish for?” “But will what I wish for really come ?” said Charlotte. '‘Perhaps it may,” answered the lady: “we shall know to-morrow morning.” “ Then,” said Charlotte, “ I wish for a muslin frock, trimmed with satin ribbon.” “Very well,” said the lady; “who comes next ?” “I! I!” cried James, snatching the cap from his sister’s head, and putting it on his own; “ I wish for a rocking- horse.” “ Now for me,” said Edward, “ give me the cap. I wish for a coachman’s whip. Now, Louisa, it is your turn.” “I wish for a wax doll with flaxen hair and blue eyes,” said Louisa. “Now you have all had your turns,” said the lady, “but Charles. Come, Louisa, give the cap tp Charles.”