Who Was the Commander at Bunker Hill?

30 for victory. Col. Prescott * was commander at Bunker Hill the night before the battle, and the next day till Gen. Putnam came on with the reinforcements ; and, during the battle, the commander at the redoubt. He erected his works with his detachment of one thousand men, under a sheet of fire from the enemy like a volcano, and defended them afterwards most heroically to the latest moment of desperation. He immortalized his name. There were, then, four who in some sense participated in the command of Bunker Hill Battle; hence the multiplied mistakes on the subject. It may be equally impossible to demonstrate who was exclusively the commander, as to discover the author of Junius, or birthplace of Homer. It was our duty not the less to make the attempt; as we have done with the greatest diffidence, considering it a forlorn hope. * The author says, Judge Prescott’s understanding and belief was, that the order to his father was in writing, — a very natural supposition for that eminent lawyer; but Ward had no adjutant-general to make out orders. His order to Col. Scammans on the 17th June was verbal: “ Go where the fighting is.” And that to Prescott on the 16th was probably not more formal, or in writing: it could be only, “ Go where the intrenching is.” (See Appendix.)