A Christian Guide to Body Stewardship, Diet and Exercise

Chapter 6: Training for Strength 141 and two years of lifting experience) and whose primary strength goal is to gain strength. A possible workout for the bench could be as follows: • Barbell bench, 5 sets of 6 reps • Triceps Pushdowns, 3 sets of 6 reps • Pec Fly, 3 sets of 6 reps • Plank, 4 sets of 1-min. holds Table 6.9. Programming Recommendations for the 5 Compound Lifts Compound Lifts (Pick One) Assistance Lifts (Pick One to Two) Torso Exercises (Pick One) Sets: ≥ 3 - 6+ Sets: 0 - 4+ Sets: 3 - 4+ Bench Barbell (BB) Bench Dumbbell (DB) Bench BB Incline DB Incline Cable Cross-Overs Pec Fly Skull Crushers Triceps Pushdowns Plank Side Plank Isometric Sit-up Back Hypers Reverse Hypers Pallof Press Vertical Knee Raise Bird Dogs Dead Bugs Single-Arm Suitcase Hold Row Pendlay / Bent-Over Row Seated Row 1-Arm Row Lat Pulldowns / Pull-Ups Lat Pushdowns Gravitron Pull-Ups BB / DB Shrugs Preacher Curls Press BB Standing Military Press DB Standing Military Press BB Seated Military Press DB Seated Military Press Lateral Raises Front Raises Bent-Over (Rear) Raises Arnold Press Squat Back Squat Front Squat Goblet Squat Bulgarian Split Squat Leg Press Leg Extensions Stiff Leg Deadlift Leg Curls Deadlift Conventional Deadlift Sumo Deadlift Hex-Bar Deadlift Romanian Deadlift Glute Press Good Mornings Hip Thrusters Glute Bridges In most cases, individuals will be performing more than one compound lift per training session. Table 6.10 provides recommendations on how to appropriately pair the different compound lifts. For example, the bench press can be paired with either the press or the row. Similarly, the deadlift can be paired with either the row or the squat.