A Christian Guide to Body Stewardship, Diet and Exercise

Chapter 7: Training for Mobility 156 Movement Specific Activation: This phase of prehab involves using a variety of strength training exercises in order to “turn on” or activate the specific muscles that will be used in the upcoming training session. For example, performing several sets of glute bridges prior to doing the deadlift will help activate the glute muscles. Figure 7.11 provides a depiction of the glute bridge exercise. Similar to dynamic stretching, movement-specific activation is best performed before a training session. Figure 7.11. Glute Bridge Stretching Recommendations and Precautions As mentioned previously, individuals should work on their mobility and flexibility regularly in order to reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases as well as prevent the loss in ROM associated with prolonged sitting. In terms of flexibility training, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) provides the following guidelines for static stretching (Magyari, 2018): • Frequency: ≥ 3 days per week • Intensity: Held to a position of mild discomfort • Duration: 10-30 seconds per stretch • Repetitions: 3-5 per stretch Although a 10-30 second hold is a great place to start, most experts agree that individuals should gradually increase the hold duration over time. In fact, research shows that a hold duration of 60 seconds was more effective than either a 15 or 30 hold duration in improving hamstring flexibility (Peterson & Rittenhouse, 2019). Additionally, Starrett (2015) recommends hold durations of at least two minutes or