A Christian Guide to Body Stewardship, Diet and Exercise

Chapter 8: Exercise Programming 181 and evening training sessions), then the order has no consequence as the body has had enough time to recover between training sessions. Generally speaking, it would be inadvisable to perform lower body strength training within 24 hours of performing speed training as both target the fast twitch (type II) muscle fibers of the lower extremities. Instead, it would be better to conduct both on the same day (e.g., within the same training session or separate morning and evening training sessions) then wait at least 72 hours before repeating or wait at least 48 hours between the two training sessions. 3 Steps of Program Design So far, we have discussed the different components of fitness, ACSM, AHA, CDC recommendations for endurance, strength and mobility training, the relationship between intensity, volume and frequency and the stimulus-recovery-adaptation (SRA) curve. The next step is to combine and use this information to design a weekly training template based on the individual’s overall training goal (e.g., improve health, lose weight, run faster/farther, lift heavier, get bigger). Step 1: Determine the number of days per week you plan on allotting for exercise. In doing so, be sure to meet the minimum frequency requirements set forth by the ASCM. Specifically: • Endurance training: 5 days per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity OR 3 days per week of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity OR an equivalent combination of moderate and vigorous intensity aerobic activity • Strength training: 2 days per week • Mobility training: 3 days per week Remember, these are the minimum recommendations. Additional sessions per week will likely be required for those components of fitness considered weak or lacking. Additionally, be sure to adhere to the stimulus recovery adaptation (SRA) recommendations in regard to the timing of subsequent training sessions. Specifically: • Moderate-intensity endurance training: 24 hours of recovery • Vigorous-intensity endurance / moderate strength training: 48 hours of recovery • Vigorous-intensity strength training: 72-96 hours of recovery