A Christian Guide to Body Stewardship, Diet and Exercise

Chapter 2: Basic Nutrition 27 Table 2.13 provides the recommended daily intake, sources, functions and signs of deficiency for the various minerals (University of Michigan Health, 2019b). Table 2.11 Major Minerals and Trace Minerals Major Minerals Trace Minerals Sodium Calcium Sulfur Iron Copper Selenium Potassium Phosphorus - Zinc Manganese Chromium Chloride Magnesium - Iodine Fluoride Molybdenum Healthy Eating Patterns A healthy eating pattern is one that includes a variety of foods in order to provide the necessary energy and essential nutrients we need. As a general rule of thumb, strive to have all three macronutrients (i.e., carbohydrates, protein, fat) represented at each meal. A healthy eating pattern is also one that can be maintained over the course of a lifetime. Our bodies are very different and all have different calorie needs (even differing from day to day). God made us all unique and therefore calorie needs cannot be represented by a generalized number. Additionally, one pattern of eating may be sustainable for some individuals, but not others. For some individuals, it may be necessary to refrain from using calorie counters / calculator and diet trackers in order to maintain a healthy relationship with food and their body. It is also important to remember that food holds no moral value (i.e., food is neither good or bad). Food is consumed for a variety of reasons (e.g., preference, cultural / social norms, accessibility, mood) and all of them are valid. With that in mind, it is important not to demonize or avoid certain foods. While we should be mindful of nourishing our bodies well, we should also be careful not to place boundaries on what we eat. For example, it would be ultimately be counterproductive and unrealistic to only consume “healthy” foods in the pursuit of health. A healthy eating pattern should not be difficult to implement and follow. God has equipped each of us with an innate ability to assess our hunger and fullness. As a result, we should listen to and honor these hunger and fullness cues. However, unhealthy eating patterns can disrupt this ability thereby allowing this God-given ability to fade over time.