Undergraduate Student Handbook 2023-24

The biblical definition of integrity involves having strong character and adhering to high moral principles. The book of Proverbs portrays integrity as an essential characteristic of an upright life. A person who walks with integrity is a person who habitually does the right thing. When Cedarville students pledge to live with integrity, it is a promise to be truthful and honest and to live up to the highest values of our community. We will say more about academic integrity in the next section of the handbook when we discuss our commitment to pursue excellence in all that we do, but here we want to emphasize the importance of honesty and truthfulness in all aspects of life at Cedarville. Integrity in conduct includes honoring the commitments we have made, being people of our word, submitting to the authorities in our lives, and obeying the laws of the land. Some of the standards discussed in this section deal with areas where there are clear moral stakes, such as abuse of drugs or alcohol. Others standards, like our dress code, are institutional preferences that in one way or another reflect our educational mission. In all areas, we expect students to live with integrity and to honor their commitment to abide by the rules and guidelines of this community. INTEGRITY in conduct 15