Undergraduate Student Handbook 2023-24

STUDENT ID CARDS Cedarville University provides each student with a photo identification (ID) card. In addition to serving as verification, IDs are used daily to access buildings, eat in the dining hall, scan in to chapel, and utilize other campus resources like the library and Fitness Center. Students are expected to present their ID card upon request to any University employee, student staff, or village official. Refusing to present an ID card will result in discipline. Photo ID cards are for the personal use of the student to whom the card was issued. Any misuse of the card or permitting another student to use the card will result in discipline. FIREARMS AND EXPLOSIVES The possession of all firearms, live ammunition, explosive devices, pellet or BB guns (including airsoft guns), paintball guns, bows and arrows, knives with blades longer than 3 1/2 inches, wrist rocket-type slingshots, etc., is not permitted on campus. Any student found in violation of this regulation is subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal and may violate state law. In addition, should any of these items be found, Campus Security will confiscate them. Students who desire to store firearms with Campus Security for hunting or recreational marksmanship purposes should make arrangements with Campus Security in advance. The possession and use of fireworks/explosives violates state law. Any student in possession of fireworks/explosives will receive a $50–$200 fine, be held liable for all damages, and may receive discipline up to dismissal. PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS, SOLICITATIONS, AND DISTRIBUTIONS Cedarville University will permit only those demonstrations, solicitations, or distributions that, in the judgment of the University administration, are orderly and peaceful. Demonstrations will be restricted to members of the University community. In addition, the University will restrict demonstrations, solicitations, or distributions to those that support views that are consistent with Scripture and with the mission of Cedarville University. Demonstrations, solicitations, or distributions that, in the opinion of the University, involve advocacy of unscriptural positions, are disorderly, or that interrupt or disrupt the primary teaching, research, service, ministry, and/ or administrative functions of the University, or any other activity or proceeding on campus that is generally accepted as a legitimate University function, are prohibited. Students wishing to organize a demonstration, make solicitations, or distribute materials must secure permission in advance from Student Life Programs. Cedarville University reserves the right to consider any and all participants who are not members of the Cedarville University student body to be trespassers and therefore subject to arrest by local law enforcement. Any activity that, in the opinion of the University, interrupts or disrupts campus life is prohibited. CAMPUS SECURITY Additional policies regarding safety and security can be found at cedarville.edu/campussecurity. TECHNOLOGY Applying the Cedarville Covenant to the use of technology requires using technology in ways that honor God, treat others with kindness and respect, and exemplify a commitment to integrity and purity. To ensure that the network is used appropriately, the University reserves the right to define and enforce regulations for network use. The University may, at its discretion, monitor stored files and electronic transmissions (email, website access, etc.). Use of the network and computing facilities implies consent to these regulations and monitoring activities. Additional information and policies regarding the use of the campus network are located at cedarville.edu/acceptableuse. 18