Undergraduate Student Handbook 2023-24

CORE VALUES Love for God. Love for others. Integrity in conduct. Excellence in effort. CEDARVILLE COVENANT We are a community of believers accountable to one another, called to reflect the character of Jesus Christ and to be obedient to His Word. We will be faithful in our support for the local church and in our practice of spiritual disciplines. We will practice biblical principles of encouragement, exhortation, and reconciliation. We commit ourselves to integrity, kindness, purity, and self-control and to continual growth in scholarship, leadership, and service. Therefore, as members of the Cedarville community, we regularly affirm our commitment to the Cedarville Covenant with this pledge: We will love God and others, live with integrity, and pursue excellence in all we do. COMMUNITY LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES The core values and Cedarville Covenant shape each student’s experience at Cedarville University. The Cedarville Covenant and our pledge to “love God and others, live with integrity, and pursue excellence in all we do” begins when students enroll and is in effect until they graduate or discontinue enrollment at the University, including the regular semesters, semester breaks, and breaks between semesters. We hope that the principles of this covenant will be such a meaningful part of our students’ college experience that they will choose to honor these values for the rest of their lives. The guidelines outlined in this handbook provide additional direction for how we embody these principles in the campus environment. Cedarville is a residential campus, which means that most of our undergraduate students are required to live in the residence halls. Some exceptions include students 23 or older, married students, or students who commute from their parents’ home. In addition, each year special permission is granted to a limited number of upperclassmen to live off campus in the surrounding community. Words often used to describe the Cedarville University experience are intentional, rigorous, and balanced. We are intentional about creating a Christ-centered community, rigorous in our pursuit of scholarship, and balanced in our approach to Christian lifestyle. Our mission statement uses the phrase “submission to biblical authority” to identify our commitment to a strong educational experience that strives to center all that we do, including our scholarship and our life together, on the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. We call our student handbook The Cedarville Experience because it includes many of the guidelines and principles that will shape your time at Cedarville. The Cedarville Experience is based on a set of core values and the Cedarville Covenant. This policy/document should be viewed in light of Cedarville University’s educational mission and theological distinctives. All applications of this policy are governed by the University’s Bylaws, Doctrinal Statement and Statements of Standards of Conduct as adopted and amended by the University’s Board of Trustees as the final interpretive authority on these matters. Any discrepancies should be resolved in favor of these controlling documents of the University, which reserves the right to make decisions that permit it to carry out its mission consistent with biblical principles. INTRODUCTION 5