Caring Well. Staying Well. COVID-19 Operating Plan

8 CaringWell. StayingWell. EDUCATING WITH CONFIDENCE What You Can Expect This Spring: • As many classes as possible have been moved to larger spaces to allow for distancing. • Masks are required in all classrooms. • In the close confines of a lab setting, students and faculty should wear masks or face shields. • All academic spaces will be cleaned regularly, and high-touch areas will receive additional scheduled cleanings. • Faculty have cleaning supplies to wipe down tech carts in classrooms. • Acrylic shields have been added at the front of most classes where physical distancing is not possible. • For classrooms with two doors, signage directs entry and exit to avoid as much face-to-face traffic as possible. Our mission is best accomplished through personal engagement between students and professors and students with their peers. Our plans for face-to-face instruction are focused on maximum flexibility and a healthy classroom. We will continue to assess state and national guidelines throughout the academic year and adapt our planning as needed. • Masks should be worn in hallways between classes. • The Centennial Library is limited to 50% capacity. • In computer labs, masks are expected. Cleaning supplies are available for sanitization of equipment. ACADEMIC TRAVEL Study abroad trips are limited for spring 2021 semester. Contact the Study Abroad office at for additional information. Building in Flexibility Students who exhibit symptoms are expected to self-assess and should NOT attend class. They should notify their professors (as well as their RD) and follow the recommended process. Faculty members will prepare their face-to-face classes for remote access as needed. Classrooms are equiped with camera/microphone technology so that students can join the class and participate if they cannot return to campus or are ill and unable to attend class.