Cedars, September 2017

Service dogs Wish (left) and Viola (right) give each other a friendly greeting. They were two of several “K-9’s in the Ville” service dogs who made an appearance at the fair. Student Life Programs (SLP) blocks off the DMC parking lot every year to set up booths and attractions. Students then mill around the various tables, whether it’s to see friends, support an org, or find new ways to get involved at CU and in the community. Isaac Ayala is one of many from this year’s freshman class. The Involvement Fair is geared toward getting freshmen engaged on campus and the local community. Senior K.J. Kilchrist leaves the stage during West II’s lip sync to “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction to “serenade” girlfriend, senior Leah Reeder, marking one of the highlights of the hall’s performance. Kick-Off Party Photos by Naomi Harward