Cedars, April 2019

BLOGS AND PODCASTS A Muggle Meddling in Magic Bereans at the Gate Fill in the Blank Photo by Scott Huck Journalism professor Jeff Gilbert runs a blog writing his thoughts about each chapter of the Harry Potter books. According to the blog, he “Knew little about the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling, only what he had heard here and there at home. In 2010, he took up his daughters’ challenge to spend his first free summer as a professor reading and commenting on the series. Well, he got pretty far that summer but the rest of life slowed him down. He’s still working on it and looks forward to the day he finishes.” The blog can be found at meddling-in-magic.blogspot.com Photo by Scott Huck English professor Isaac Mayeux hosts The Fill in the Blank podcast, which seeks to understand professors’ views so students can know how to tailor their writing. “This is a show about gaps: Gaps between students and professors, gaps between writers and readers and even gaps between writers and their own writing,” Mayeux says in one of the podcasts. The purpose of the show is to either bridge those gaps or simply understand and accept them. In the podcast, Mayeux interviews professors and other visiting writers. One of his goals is to show professors on a more relatable level. Episodes can be found at digitalcommons.cedarville.edu/fill_in_the_ blank Five Cedarville professors write for blog about politics, economics and theology. “We are Christian professors who thought it might be a good idea to start a blog. Boy, aren’t we hip? ... The blog is dedicated to exploring matters of politics, economics, history, law, and culture from a distinctly Christian perspective, though we will not always pretend this is the case. We all care passionately about an appropriate use of Christianity in general, and biblical teaching in particular, in understanding and commenting upon the times in which we find ourselves.” The blog can be found at bereansatthegate.com