Cedarville Magazine Spring 2021

PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE Training the next generation of educators has never been more important than it is right now. Secular humanism and liberalism have saturated the public education sector to the point that faith is undermined and followers of Christ ridiculed. We must train a new generation of teachers who recognize the classroom as their mission field, teach with excellence, and follow Christ faithfully in everything they do. In this issue of Cedarville Magazine , you will meet our new Dean of the School of Education, Kevin Jones. I enthusiastically support his vision for education, recommend him as a solid Bible teacher, and love his passion for education from a biblical worldview. We have an opportunity to equip a generation of teachers who love the Lord and live out the Gospel in front of their students. Whether these teachers choose vocational paths in public schools, private Christian schools, or in homeschool opportunities, they will recognize the importance of a biblical worldview. Our faculty understands that certain popular theories within education do not fit with a biblical worldview. These faculty members help our students critically examine what can be affirmed, what should be rejected, and what can be redeemed when examined through the lens of a biblical worldview. We train future educators to think biblically and critically about educational philosophies in order to train the next generation in a Christ-honoring way. Given the overwhelming embrace of secularism in higher education, our task has never been more important, and I would encourage you to have any future educator visit our campus and talk with our faculty. Our faculty members also exude a passion for educational excellence. I know firsthand the difference a teacher can make in the life of a student. I suspect most of us do. I remember names, comments on papers, admonitions, and encouragements that improved my thinking, reading, and communication. We believe in a liberal arts core that trains every student to think well, write well, and communicate well. We believe education allows us to develop our God-given gifts and align them with our God-given passions to further the Kingdom of God as faithful stewards. Our teachers and the teachers we train will demonstrate a passion for educational excellence, making a difference in the lives of their students. Join me in supporting this crucial task as we equip future educators to stand for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. In Christ, Thomas White, President cedarville.edu/president @DrThomasWhite facebook.com/DrThomasWhite instagram.com/drthomaswhite linkedin.com/in/jthomaswhite 2 | Cedarville Magazine Cedarville Magazine