The Cedarville Review 2021

11 | CEDARVILLE REVIEW interacted with Bob Fairview radiated the calm assurance that this conversation would go the way she wanted regardless of what was actually said. Solomon had to meet her, he had to talk to that-- that--power. For the first time in his life, he actually wanted to see a first impression from the perspective of the greeter. He rushed into his nicest casual button-up shirt and khakis, smoothed the errant hay bale that was his hair down while checking the mirror, and ran out the door. Right as the woman was about to walk into the Fairviews’ house, she heard Solomon yelling “Hey! Hello!” as he ran down the street with a youthful energy that almost made up for his complete lack of athletic skill. The woman turned around with one eyebrow raised and a curious smirk on her face. “Hello, I take it you’re the neighborhood greeting committee?” she asked. “Yes I-- Wait, well, er…not quite.” Solomon stuttered out as he anxiously ran his hand through his blond hair. “But I did want to welcome you to the neighborhood! My name is Solomon Trent!” Solomon put his hand out faster than he expected and nearly karate-chopped the woman. She moved back a little, giggled to herself, accepted his outstretched hand, and shook it. “I’m Marigold Tuppence. Nice to meet you, Solomon. Was there anything else you wanted to say before I got back to my actual business here?” she said, the giggle not quite leaving her voice. Bob Fairview was still standing in the doorway and grinding his teeth so hard Solomon expected them to start popping out of his mouth. But Solomon didn’t care. The purpose she radiated was so much more brilliant up close than it was from the window of his house. Even his interruption seemed to be a part of her plan; she would get where she was going regardless of anything he or Bob did. “That actually brings me to the question I wanted to ask, Ms. Tuppence,” Solomon said while deliberately avoiding making eye contact with Bob. “What brings you to our neighborhood?” “Well, I moved in with my Aunt Serene down the road, and Mr. Fairview here needs a babysitter for his children and I need money, so it’s a mutual agreement.” Marigold laughed a little to herself again. “You mean Ms. Serene Tuppence? I walk past her porch all the time on my way to Jeff’s Diner!” Solomon had actually guessed she was staying with Serene the second she said Tuppence, but his mom had taught him to be at least a little subtle. “Ah, yes. Everyone has told me I just have eat Jeff’s ‘Legendary Spaghetti’.” “You mean you haven’t been yet? You live right there!” “Is this the part where you offer to take me?” “I mean, if you haven’t been, someone should take you.” “Alright, you free tomorrow at five?” “I believe so.” “Alright, I’ll meet you there. Now you better get going before Mr. Fairview’s head explodes.” Solomon turned and noticed that Bob Fairview’s face was in fact as red as a stick of dynamite. “Ah, yes. Well, see you tomorrow!” Solomon said as he rushed back to his house. It wasn’t until Solomon told the story to his mother that he realized he had technically asked Marigold out on a date. Solomon Trent stared out his window. Old age had ruined his hair, lungs, joints, and even his