The Cedarville Review 2024

THE CEDARVILLE REVIEW 17 Did you know that the night has a scent? It's not even a true smell, not really. It's not something exact, or unique, that you can put your fi nger on. In fact, it’s more like a combination of feelings that the night air carries than anything. For me, it's the coolness of the night air touching your face. The silence of the world, broken only by crickets. The hint of rain and the smell of wet. A lighter, cleaner air fl owing through your lungs as you breathe. The slight smell of tea leaves and green olives. And above it all, there is the solitude of seeming to be the only one awake to take it all in. The freedom, the loneliness, and the overwhelming Night Scents Benjamin G. Konuch sense of quiet and peace, something just like this. These scents, these feelings, they bring back fl oods of memories. The late-night calls, creeping into the kitchen to grab snacks. The reading of books under covers, or watching TV with the sound down low. Talking to God while crying your eyes out. Video calls with a best friend. Sneaking outside to watch the sunrise. YouTube and iced tea. Pringles and Gotham. Bleeding in a bathroom. Laughing in a study. These are the memories that come back to me, what I think of, when I take in the night's scent. Some nights, I hide from it and keep the