The Cedarville Review 2024

THE CEDARVILLE REVIEW 47 “Maybe you’re kinda like Robin Hood. Could pretend, you know? Be a real hero.” That got him to smile a little. “Would you like that?” He nodded, grinning all gap-toothed. “Say, wait here a minute and I’ll be right back.” He nodded again and I stood up and walked out of the alley. What this kid needed was a nice, big, fl uffy donut and I knew just the place to go. I’d run across it on my fi rst night here when I was looking for something to eat. Well, I walked those couple blocks real fast cause I felt bad leaving the kid alone. The sky looked real black and I heard thunder echoing in the distance. It was still cold too.b Maybe I should’ve bought him a coat or something, but I didn’t have much money. Anyway, I passed a couple sorry looking shops on the way, most of them with lights winking out. I found the little bakery, weathered stone surrounding a fading red door and walked on in. I realized I was right before closing time. The girl at the front didn’t look too happy about it. I guess she was pretty tired, probably like the bartender too. What do people bother working so late for, Jeffey? It don’t make much sense to me. There certainly weren’t many donuts left but I saw one big, glorious thing all drowning in fl uffywhite icing. It looked just like a cloud on a summer day, and I decided that was the one. Well, I swaggered on up there and tried to give her my best smile so maybe she wouldn’t be so down and annoyed. “I’ll take that big white one, please.” “Alright.” She pulled out a little brown paper bag and stuck it in there with some squeaky metal tongs.