The Cedarville Review 2024

56 FICTION ~ I sat with Pat at crafts. While everyone else made paper canoes, we used the Georgia map on the wall to plan our escape, then folded the contraband sketch into the little boat to sneak it past the counselors. He signaled to me through the fl ames at the campfi re that night, as we sang about a bear and an alligator. We spent the next two days training for the escape: running, swimming, monkey bars. Pat thought he was a navy seal during the water relay race. He looked more like a whale that was still learning to swim. We saw Sean for the fi rst time at dinner. “You’re gonna get caught or lost.” “No one said you were invited.” Pat stuffed his roll in his pocket, grabbing Sean’s from his hand. “Hey!” “Provisions.” Pat grabbed the roll from my plate. “Wouldn’t want to starve when we get lost.” He grabbed a roll off the plate of a little kid walking by. “See you in three weeks, Sean.” He smiled, stealing Sean’s cookie when he got up. “Dude, stop!” “You coming with us?” I asked. “Not on your life.” ~ That evening, I packed my bag and tucked it under the foot of my bunk, climbing into bed with my Keds still on my feet. Pop, pop, pop wafted through the air. I waited patiently for the feet to crawl up the wall and onto the ceiling before I slipped out of bed and through the door. Swinging my duffl e onto my shoulder, I dashed between shadows down to the swamp. Standing at the