The Cedarville Review 2024

66 POETRY Contributor’s Note: This poem illustrates humanity who makes themselves out to be gods instead of recognizing God as the true king and one in control over the whole world. Oftentimes, we feel as though we are the ones in control over the world and try to micromanage the details. For instance, Jacob tried to control his own monetary wealth by carving sticks and throwing them into streams so that it would magically make the sheep be spotted so he could keep them in his fl ock. However, God is the one who is sovereign in control over everything, including Jacob's wealth. We deserve to be cast off, just as Jacob did, but through Christ's death on the cross, we are grafted into the tree of God's people (Romans 11). the gods below Hannah Shierman Like Jacob, we throw our sticks to streams and expect the lambs in return for our petty control. Like gods, we play with life-lines and snip the cords of death-delivered children; with magic, creating unknown chaos, razing woods, drowning dales; we demand dominion when we are but stewards.