The Cedarville Review 2024

78 POETRY Preserve me, Lord; I trust in you; My soul has claimed you for my God, I have no good apart from you. But for the saints on earth abroad— Yes, in your people I rejoice. But those who serve another god Increase their sorrows by their choice; I will not take their offered blood. Oh Lord, my portion and my cup, Who keeps my lot and lines secure, In you my soul is lifted up And my inheritance is sure. I bless the Lord who counsels me! My heart instructs me through the night, And shaken I shall never be, For I have set Him to my right. Therefore my heart is glad indeed; In hope my body too shall rest. From deepest hell my soul is freed, And I shall not decay in death. Yes, you will show life’s path to me And where you are is fullest joy, And still at your right hand I see Pleasures forevermore and aye.