The Relationship of Jewish and Gentile Believers to the Law Between A.D. 30 and 70 in the Scripture

ABSTRACT THE RELATIONSHIP OF JEWISH AND GENTILE BELIEVERS TO THE LAW BETWEEN A.D. 30 AND 70 IN THE SCRIPTURE by Chris A. Miller Dallas Theological Seminary Consultants: Dr. Elliott Johnson, Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost, Dr. David Lowery The proposal of this study is that the New Testament teaching on the law can only be understood (1) in light of the progress of revelation and (2) with an appreciation for the differing responsibilities which Jews and Gentiles had to the Law . Though the book of Hebrews teaches that the Mosaic Law came to an end at Calvary in God 's view, this was not revealed until relatively late in the apostolic era. Thus, the freedom from law spoken of in Acts and Galatians pertains mainly to Gentiles while Jewish believers continued to expre s their worship of Messiah through Mosaic regulations in Acts . The study approaches the problem not as an exercise in the theology of law but first as an exposition of individual, self-i nterpreting book . In thi way the important hermeneutical considerations of audi n e, ccasion, hi tory and the progre of r elation receive their due emphases. The critical point of the book of Hebr w n t th up riorit f th p r n f hri t to Mo or ang l but that the Id (Mo ai ) c n nt h r pl w (M ianic) co n nt (7 : 11- 1 ; :1 ) . thi t hin i , h r, 1t h uld