The Idea of an Essay, Volume 4

Table of Contents VII
Instructor Biographies IX
2017 Composition Contest Winners XIX
First Place: Beansprouts and the Roots by JooHee Jung 1
Second Place: Hughes Hue by Jean-Luc Schieferstein 10
Third Place: The Promise of Sunshine by Allison White 17
Narrative and Memoir 21
The Nature of Literacy by Adam Rinehart 22
The Creative Journey by Michael Nuzzo 25
Rebekah's Story by Nathan Shinabarger 28
On Love by Cat Clemons 37
Originality by Peter Kennell 41
My Journey to Know the Love of God by Timothy Cannata 50
Moved to Mourning by Miranda Dyson 56
Literacy Narrative by Katelyn Whalen 61
My 104,000-Dollar Summer by Gregg Mendel 66
Falling in Love with a New Found Land by Kyle Spencer 70
Brick by Brick by Matthew Beal 75
Analysis and Response 80
Racism in the 1960s: America's Great Failure by William Tomlinson 81
Nature's Inspiration by Kristen Cochran 84
The Blessings of Pain by Gregg Mendel 87
Prices and Patriotism: Restoring Lost Value by Peter Kennell 92
Good Grief! by Cat Clemons 98
Is It Fair to Be Fair by Gregg Mendel 102
Research Writing 106
An Overview of Second Language Acquisition by Adam Rinehart, J.D. Lewis, Sara Passamonte, and Matthew Beal 107
Autism, Literacy, and Special Education by Adam Rinehart 112
From Textbook Tradition to Time-Saving Textese by Michael Nuzzo 122
From Chains to Change: The Freedom to Choose in Education by Matthew Beal 130
De Facto Segregation in Schools by William Tomlinson 140
The American Educational System: Inequitable and Unjust by Kristen Cochran 145
Knowing the Audience, Understanding the Culture, Pursuing the Lord by Aogu Suzuki 150
Literacy and Criminality by Nathan Shinabarger 156
The Test That Changed His Life by Joshua Perez 168
The Unspoken Speaker: Analyzing Literacy in Non-Vocal Children with Cerebral Palsy by Joshua Perez 181
The Three Faces of Literacy by Matthew Beal 192
Eczema: The What, the Who, and the How by Kaitlyn Ring 199
Notes 205
Composition Learning Outcomes 206
Grading System 207
Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Recognize and Avoid It 208
Resources: The Writing Center and Centennial Library 209