The Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Creationism (2023)

Title Page III
Table of Contents IV
Preface - J. H. Whitmore IX
Papers 1
Astronomy 1
How Should Recent Creationists Respond to Dark Matter and Dark Energy - D. R. Faulkner 1
Craters and Cracks Caused by Accelerated Nuclear Decay Heat Throughout the Solar System - D. Sternberg 11
Bible Studies and Philosophy 66
Human History from Adam to Abraham - M. Ross, et al. 66
Essentialism and the Human Kind - T. C. Wood 88
Biology 120
Testing the Cavefish Model - M. J. Boyle, et al. 120
A Preliminary Evaluation of Ape Baramins - P. S. Brummel and T. C. Wood 144
Genealogical vs Phylogenetic Mutation Rates - R. W. Carter 168
Molecular Baraminology of Marine and Freshwater Fish - M. Cserhati 181
Allometric and Metabolic Scaling - L. Hebert III 206
A Creation Model of Design - T. Hennigan, et al. 228
A Review of CRS eKINDS Predictive Success and Known Genetic Mechanisms Affecting the Prevalence of Alleles in a Population - J. K. Lightner 242
Hominin Baraminology Reconsidered with Postcranial Characters - T. C. Wood and P. S. Brummel 251
Engineering and Physics 267
A Rapid Ice Age and Transition to Ice Sheet Growth - S. M. Gollmer 267
Cause of Large Post-Flood Jump in Earth's Carbon 14 - D. R. Humphreys 280
Human Brain Function Above All Other and the Creation Model - J. D. Johansen 288
Language, Coded Instructions and the Interaction with Thermodynamics - A. C. McIntosh 316
Tapping the Hourglass - N. Mogk 327
Geology 346
Shoreline Transgressive Terraces - S. A. Austin, et al. 346
The Role of Large Tsunamis in the Formation of the Flood Sediment Record - J. R. Baumgardner and E. Navarro 363
How Often Do Radioisotope Ages Agree? - M. D. Beachy, et al. 387
A Progressive Global Flood Model Confirmed by Rock Data Across Five Continents - T. L. Clarey and D. J. Werner 412
Receding Noahic Flood Waters Led to Seafloor Spreading - H. Dickens 446
Testing the Order of the Fossil Record - K. McGuire, et al. 478
A Preliminary Analysis of Archosauromorph Baraminology - M. A. McLain, et al. 487
Radiohalos Through Earth History - A. A. Snelling 540
Developing a Comprehensive Model of Global Flood Paleontology - J. P. Tomkins and T. L. Clarey 561
Can Sandstone Cross-Bed Dip Inclinations Determine Depositional Environment? - J. H. Whitmore 588
What Biostratigraphic Continuity Suggests About Earth History - K. P. Wise and D. Richardson 611
Abstracts 626
Astronomy 626
Four Comets of 2020 Are First Returning Ice Bodies from the Wave which Brought Water to Earth at the Time of Noah’s Flood - T. Holt 626
Expansion of the Cosmic Fabric Model to the Inelastic Case - C. Ward, et al. 627
Archaeology 628
Why Ancient Worldwide Ziggurat/Pyramid Complexes Support the Biblical Babel Account - A. Habermehl 628
The Place of Radiocarbon Dating in a Young Earth Framework - D. Petrovich 629
Bible, Education, Law, and Philosophy 630
That the Book of Job Describes Events Prior to Abraham and Coincides with the End of the Ice Age - D. S. Bolls 630
Creationeering - M. F. Horstemeyer 631
A Mathematical Description of the Christian God - M. F. Horstemeyer 632
Holy Spirit’s Refreshing Our Bodies via Biological Redemption and the Creation Model - J. D. Johansen 633
The Role of and Limits on Uniformitarian Principles in Creationist Sedimentology Research - S. A. Maithel 634
The Effect of American Law on Creation Research and Education - S. C. Policastro 635
The Septuagint vs. the Masoretic Text - S. J. Smithers, et al. 636
Biology 637
New Analyses Suggest That All Horses (Perissodactyla: Equidae) Belong to a Single Holobaramin - T. R. Brophy and J. R. Gregory 637
Molecular and Morphological Analyses Confirm That All Loons (Aves: Gaviiformes) Form a Single Holobaramin - T. R. Brophy, et al. 638
A Novel Software for Organelle Genome-Based Baraminology Studies - M. Cserhati 639
Messages in the Genetic Code - J. M. DeMassa 640
The Exquisite Design of Somatic Hypermutation to Enhance Antibody Diversity, Binding Affinity and Self-Tolerance - F. Maas 641
Engineering 642
Bacterial Chemotaxis Control Illustrates an Engineering Framework in the Creation Model - J. D. Johansen 642
Geology 643
Does the Fossil Record of Non-Mammalian Synapsid Digits Show an Increasing “Mammal-Ness?” - E. Anderson and M. A. McLain 643
Noah’s Arks and Viking Funeral Ships - R. Frields, et al. 644
Do Fossil Data Suggest Greater Animal Longevity in the Pre-Flood World? - L. Hebert III 645
After Awhile...Crocodile? - C. N. LePore 646
Hypogene Speleogenesis of Ozark Caves - J. Miller 647
Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and the Tectonics of Western North America - S. Petersen and J. Baumgardner 648
A Creationist Model of Dinosaur Paleobiogeography - M. Surtees 649
Effects of Hot Post-Flood Groundwater Flow from the Sea Floor - D. M. Winsberg 650
Groundwater Flow and the Resulting Heat Transfer from the Sea Floor, Immediately after the Genesis Flood - D. M. Winsberg 651
Long Tree-Ring Chronologies - J. Woodmorappe 652
Posters 653
Astronomy 653
A Creationist Model of Impacts Throughout the Solar System - T. Holt 653
Biology 654
Testing the Cavefish Model - M. J. Boyle, et al. 654
Hybridization and Genetic Distances Suggest One Large Monobaramin in the Gourd Family (Cucurbitales: Cucurbitaceae) - T. R. Brophy, et al. 657
Paleo-Ontogenetic Growth Curves - L. Hebert III 659
Education 661
Is There Still a Need for a Creation Based Graduate School? - J. Bielecki 661
Engineering and Physics 663
Dynamic Recrystallization and Grain Size Effects on Catastrophic Motion of the Earth’s Mantle During the Flood - H. Cho, et al. 663
Modeling the Process of Rapid Geomagnetic Reversal During the Genesis Flood - E. T. Katzamann and J. Baumgardner 664
FE Analysis of Tsunami Generation During the Genesis Flood - T. Lewis and J. Baumgardner 665
Genesis of the Creation Research Engineering Association - J. Swan 667
Geology 669
Using Stromatolites to Rethink the Precambrian-Cambrian Pre-Flood/Flood Boundary - K. P. Coulson 669
Gastropod Evolutionary Phylogeny - P. Doran and N. A. Doran 670
Diverse Assemblage of Arthropods in Amber from Upper Cretaceous Tarheel Formation near Goldsboro, North Carolina - D. J. Goodnight 672
ICR (2013-2023) - L. Hebert III 674
The Layered Castile Probably Originated from Salt Magma - S. J. Heerema, et al. 676
Can Radiocarbon Dating Fit a Biblical Timescale? - M. Jordan 678
Orthocone Cephalopods as Paleocurrent Indicators in the Ordovician Kimmswick Formation of Northeastern Missouri - Z. A. Klein 680
Physical Evidence for a Post-Flood Lacustrine Depositional Environment for Hopi/Bidahochi Lake - N. Loper 682
Quantum Computing in Creation Geoscience - M. McGuire and K. McGuire 684
Unresolved Issues in Hypothetical Fish-To-Amphibian Evolution - D. Prentice 686
The Regression of the Flood in Virginia - J. C. Rakestraw and J. Melnick 688
Geologic Analysis of Ice Age Simulation Results - E. G. Sultan and S. M. Gollmer 689
K-feldspar Sand Grain Rounding in Eolian and Subaqueous Transportation - E. G. Sultan and E. Henze 691
Re-Evaluating the Measurements of Radioactive Decay - C. A. Wolcott 693