Inspire, Fall 1990

A News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni Fall 1990 N ew Title Inspired by Rae Taylor Ihe alumni news publication (formerly AVISO)has been renamed Inspire. This title was submitted by Rae Taylor,a part-time student and alumni office secretary. The new masthead conveys three main thoughts for alumni to associate this paper with Cedarville. First of all, the spire of the James T. Jeremiah Chapel is a central focus on campus for visitors and students alike. Cedarville's emphasis on a daily chapel time for the students has remained constant for many years and is a tradition that is here to stay. Some classmates are forgotten and some class material has gone unread, but chapel marks a memory in the mind of impressionable young adults. Second, it is the wish of the Alumni Associa- tion that Inspire will inform and com- municate college news,alumni updates, and encouraging articles to the alumni body. And third, the goal of this news publication is to Inspire you to keep in touch with Cedarville College. Rae Taylor, winner of the Facelift Contest, is currently a part- time student in the office technology program at the College and hopes to earn her associate degree by 1995. Besides taking classes, Rae keeps the alumni body informed and active by maintaining her full-time job as alumni office secretary. Rae has been a mainstay in the office for seven years. Her friendly smile and helpful spirit are appreciated by the many alumni who drop by to find an address ofa classmate or by those who would like an update on their alma mater. Rae supported three children through Cedarville College. Her oldest daughter, June (Taylor '83)Howard, graduated with a B.A. in speech. Janet (Taylor '84)Berbes graduated in 1984 with a B.A. in business administration. Her son, Walter Taylor '87,earned his degree in public administration and is now working for Congressman John Kasich in Washington D.C. Thanks to all the alumni who entered titles or logos for this contest, and hats off to Rae and Inspire!