Inspire, Fall 1995

A News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni Sisters Serve Robbin Danec DeMeester'85N and TammiDanec Maloney '80Njournalled their summer vacation in thefollowing story. Intending to spend vacation "away from it all," our vacation instead turned into an opportunityfor ministry. Few would choose to give up a health spa vacationfor two weeks ofworking at orphanages in Albania's capital city. They provided school and play materials, taught Vacation Bible School, music,and crafts for both young and older children in two orphanages. Here are their thoughts... Choosing Ministry Robbin Danec DeMeester'85N fter 12 years ofchanging diapers, wiping noses,and picking up toys, my sister and I determined we deserved a vacation. We had been dutiful wives for a combined total oftwenty-five years,and we had six children between us. We did not think it would be too extreme a request to tell our husbands we were planning a getaway. We thought a health spa might be in order,so we began the process ofscanning the nation's most luxurious,exquisite, aesthetically pleasing,and reasonably- priced spas.But when the time came to make a deposit on a resort, wefound a "kink" in our plan. We heard about mission teams that had gone to Albania from Calvary Church and had often commented to one another about the incredible opportunity this ministry holds. After information about a recent trip appeared in the church bulletin, we discussed the subject again. Was this a realistic opportunity for us? Could we travel overseas,leave our families, and minister to children in aformer communist country? Could we raise support($1500 for the two-week "vacation")and complete the necessary details for such a FALL 1995 Together trip? After paperwork and interviewing were complete,the Danec sisters were indeed going to Albania! Sharing an experience like this with a sibling was a tremendous giftfrom God. Because we are sisters, many ofour life experiences are similar, and so are our frames ofreference. This heightened the heartbreak and heartwannth as we experienced the lifestyle ofa recently- freed communist country. Having the same mom as well as being moms ourselves enhanced our empathy for the Albanian orphans to whom we quickly became"mothers." The trip provided a special bond within our biological family and our Christian family.If the Lord allows,we plan to return to be affected and changed by the wonderfully loving Albanian people who in just ten days changed our lives. Tom '83 and Robbin Danec DeMeester'85N live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have two children, Emily (5)and Jared(3). They attend Calvary Church, which sponsors this annual trip. continued on page 1