Inspire, Fall 1996

A News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni ils Fe Answering The Call To Worship by Dr. Vernon Whaley, associate professor of church music W orship is mandated in the Old and New Testaments, exemplified by saints throughout the ages, and preached from pulpits from generation to generation. Man was made to worship God.Every picture we have ofheaven reveals angelic beings worshiping God(Isa.6:1-6). John's vision of heaven unveils the majestic sight ofthose from every tribe,tongue,people, and nation gathered around the throne of God,worshiping(Rev.5:9-10). When Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem,the Pharisees asked Him to rebuke His disciples who were worshiping Him. Instead,Jesus rebuked the Pharisees,"I tell you,if these become silent,the stones will cry out!"(Luke 19:37-40).The study and practice of worship is important because it is what believers will be doing for eternity. Worship,and the music that is an integral part of it,is at the heart ofevery great revival or spiritual awakening.Camp meeting songs ushered in the Great Awakening ofthe 1780s and 1790s. Sunday school songs were used during the street revivals ofthe 1830s.In 1880,Ira Sankey used a little pump organ to sing the praises of Jehovah to vast audiences. By 1920,Homer Rodeheaver was leading great choirs in Billy Sunday tabernacles across the country.Today,we have the opportunity to lead God's people in worship as never before. Evangelicals around the globe are seeking qualified worship leaders,thoroughly committed and prepared to teach and train God's people how to lift their hearts in praise through song,drama,prayer,and multimedia. Cedarville College is committed to worship.In the Old Testament,Chenaniah and his sons were given the responsibility oftraining professional,full-time worship leaders. Today,the Department of Music at Cedarville College boldly faces the same challenge and accepts the opportunity to teach men and women how to lead God's people in worship. In June,the college board oftrustees approved a comprehensive Church Music Ministry degree.This four-year degree was designed to equip students as practical, professional,and prepared musicians thoroughly committed to teaching,training,edifying,evangelizing, and promoting the local church through music. Church music students will receive training in three areas ofstudy: (1)traditional music disciplines such as music history and music theory; (2)church music ministry,including the history and philosophy ofevangelical worship;adult, youth and children's music ministry methods;instrumental methods;choral •SO arranging;computer v software; ministry performance opportunities; group management;and a year-long internship; and(3)select electives, including areas of mass communication,drama, ministry,composition, and creative worship.Plans are to provide opportunities for continuing education, interdisciplinary degrees,and practical venues of service in church music.These are exciting and energizing days to teach and learn church music at Cedarville College. E.M.Bounds once wrote:"Men are God's Method!The church is looking for better methods;God is looking for better of prayer...great in faith,in holiness,in love,in fidelity...with a holy awareness in the pulpit and holy lives out of it. These can move a generation for God."Our goal at Cedarville College is to become a leading provider of ministers of music and worship for the evangelical church.The secret to this success will be in direct proportion to our commitment to lead men and women to have a heart for God and a love for God's people. We believe that holy men and women who are thoroughly equipped to lead God's people to the throne in worship can and will move a generation for God. to The