Inspire, Spring 1991

A News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni alk ns' It re *7 "4.7 • • . Spring 1991 ."!t.t.f 4.,,", '4 4t■ 4 Cedarville College Alumni in the Persian Gulf Captain Michael Aiken '80 SR Jeffrey Babitt'93N Brent Brendle'90 John Burke'91N It. Bradley Burrell '76 Lt. Col.John Clauer'72 Lt.Col.Kenneth Curcio'70 Kevin Geiss '90 Robert C. Goodrich '82N Lance Cpl. Charles Grizzard '90 Lt. Col Daniel Inghram '72 Lt. Col. Richard Inghram '71 Todd Mahon'94N Lt. Rodney Mason '87 Dr. Richard Smith '80 Captain David Treese '81 1st. Lt.Perry Washburn '78 Robert L.Young'82 If you know alumni or have loved ones who have been called to active duty in the Middle East, please contact the Alumni Office. We will place their names on the Wall of Prayer. 'p 44Am WhOir itAxmogy 44itx4.. "f The Collegefamily prays regularlyforfamily members, alumni,and friends of the College who are deployed in the Persian Gulf. The Wall of Prayer,located in the James T.Jeremiah Chapel,Is a reminder of those men and women.