Inspire, Spring 1996

A A News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni re SPRING 1996 The More Things Change, Ther Star The Same W hat a thrill it has been to be associated with Cedarville College for 14 years! Much has changed.I am fortunate to have been at the College during a period of unprecedented growth and physical change.Each morning as I arrive for work, I take note ofthe progress on the magnificent Ministry Center facility. The changes that I observe in our students are just as dramatic. I recently met with five students from a Marriage and the Family class to discuss the creation ofa new home page for Christian marriage and family resources on the World Wide Web(WWW).As the students talked technology,I quickly realized that I was out of my league.Even our roles changed as my students patiently taught me the nuances ofthe Internet. Today's students arrive on Cedarville's campus with an eagerness to learn and a technological sophistication that could not have been imagined only a few years ago. As a faculty member and associate dean,I feel humbled and privileged to work among such bright and fresh minds,not only in the field oftechnology,but also in the areas of biblical study and display of Christian character. As they grapple with what it means to follow Christ in our culture,I find myselfawed by the responsibility of pointing them in a scriptural direction. But the more things change,the more they stay the same.Though our students are in some ways very different today than they were 10 or 20 years ago, many things remain the same.By God's grace, Cedarville College continues to attract students who excel in their love for Christ. One of my responsibilities is to produce a program called "Thursdays Live," where we challenge students to commit themselves to the lordship of Christ and the authority of the Scriptures as it relates to contemporary issues and temptations. During fall quarter, over 800students gathered on a busy week night to be challenged to maintain their sexual purity. The next day, over65 students sent e-mail in response to the program,many sharing that they had renewed their commitment to stay sexually pure. I know a similar crowd will attend in April when we examine the relevancy ofJesus Christ and the local church to members of"Generation X." It thrills me that students continue to share their faith and love for Christ. On a typical Friday night,over 100 students take to the streets of Dayton,Columbus, and Cincinnati to talk with other people about Him.During 1994-95,over 280 Cedarville College students sacrificed their time and money to travel with MIS teams to share the gospel in other countries. And at any given point in the academic year,80% of Cedarville College students are involved in some form of Christian ministry. These are not the The More apathetic Generation X-ers that I see depicted in the media.The emphasis on modeling Christ's example as a servant has not changed at Cedarville College. That's exciting! I am grateful for what Cedarville was when I was a student, but I am even more thankful that God has allowed me to work in an atmosphere where I am surrounded by young people who are passionately involved in trying to imitate Christ. Authorofthis article, CarlRuby '83 serves as associate dean ofstudent services at Cedarville College. He and his wife, Susan Olson Ruby '86, live in Springfield. They have three daughters, Meagan(5), Kelsey(3), and Erin(I).