Inspire, Summer 1991

A News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni 41k Our II Excerpted from CEDARVILLECOLLEGE-4Century Of -- Commitment, by J. Murray Murdoch,_Ph.I,Josjen Publiih14.4987. C _ edarville College wasfounded prayer, has been maintained in faith, and suglorted by sacrifice: and long '= after this generation shall have run its race, Cedarville College will live to enrich the natidn, gladden the church, _ and bless theWorld; and with tbeelus _ it will grow in-material equipnialt — until it becomes the joy of thisatom nity and is numbered high am — - — favoredxolleges of our coun_ Thesewords were uttered by - AYAbert Renwick McChesney, secondrpresident of_Cedarville College, in his inaugural - address on November 12. 1915. They=— reflect his knowledge of what had _ occurred in the past and an amazingly accurate assentof what would-- happen in theThfilre. He could not begin to envision, however, how uneven the path to success would be. Along that path walked many people: people of prayer, vision, and sacrifice; people who served as trustet -1_ administrators, faculty, and -- staff;4Arents who entrusted the educa tion of their children to the faculty: students who came with a desire to grow and learn: people who made: wise decisions that led to great success—and others who made poor decisions that led to failures and disappointment. The distinguishing characteristic of the people who founded Cedarville Heritage continued on page == _ -_ -. - = -- ---- = - -= = Summer 1991 = = _ =r - - _ = - _ _ 7- -=-; - = - = =