Inspire, Summer 1993

IllSP111e ------ SUMMER 1993 A News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni0 _ ;ii r1 1 i IP° II M •• social work •professional writing II applied psychology with emphases kip Ji \ i [i ii Nur in child and family studies, / counseling,gerontology, industrial/organizational psychology, and health psychology — • physical education with ,wilimir concentrations in sports management and in exercise science II multimedia technologies with emphases in radio and television and in music •philosophy New minors which will enable students to gain recognized competence in fields outside their majors include: •Christian ministries management •international business •organizational communications II platform arts •athletic training grace we will continue to College has initiated a new teacher certification in Teaching English as a Responding to demographic trends,the •creative writing •church music 111he Lord has blessed Cedarville College with continuing increases in student enrollment.By His Second Language(TESOL)with address this challenge by expanding and immediate positive student response. improving Cedarville's quality academic For 1993-94,we are in the process of programs which will prepare our students obtaining approval for special education to serve God and mankind in the 21st certification in the three areas of century. developmentally disabled,severe In striving to best accomplish our behavioral disabled,and learning mission "to provide an education disabled. Previously,our special consistent with Biblical truth," the education offerings were in cooperation developments cited in this article have with Wright State University, but next required the commitment and dedication year Cedarville College will provide the of many gifted faculty and staff. Their entire sequence ofcourses. shared vision of Christian higher Potential programs which are currently education and willingness to work as a being designed for future consideration team have resulted in our creating new are undergraduate majors in athletic innovative offerings, upgrading successful training and physics. A multi-disciplinary programs,and designing future endeavors, major for students with a breadth of During the pastfew years,Cedarville interests or who have need for unique College has added several new majors to cross-departmental career preparation is the curricula: being evaluated.The possibility ofan II electrical and mechanical interdisciplinary master's degree in engineering administration with areas ofstudy in IN international studies with options in business administration,education global economics and international administration, nursing administration, business,social sciences,or missions and non-profit organizations could The Academic Fuhutre become a reality over several years of evaluation and preparation. Before this step will be taken at Cedarville College, the program must be demonstrated as a strength rather than a diversion of resources from undergraduate programs. The most visibly noteworthy advancement in the academic division in recent years is the establishment of a campuswide fiber optic computer network called CedarNet.This three-year project, which began in September 1992,will placeIBM PS/2computers with stereo sound boards and printers in every dorm room as well as offices offaculty, administration,and staff. Students will have access to information and communication with faculty, staff,the Centennial Library,and one another 24 hours a day. This technology, which includes software applications for every academic field, is transforming the teaching/learning process on campus. Phase I ofCedarNet has already increased student/faculty interaction,raised levels of instruction in problem solving,and improved student preparation for careers and life in the information age. Obviously the quality ofour on-going academic programs,as well as the effective implementation ofthe new programs,is dependent upon the professional and pedagogical expertise of the faculty. At Cedarville College we are grateful for the significant educational contributions and spiritual stability ofour long-time faculty.The innovative ideas, practical experience,spiritual commitment,and enthusiasm ofthese talented people further enrich the institution and enhance the achievement of our mission. Dr. Duane Wood, academic vice president since 1987, hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. He earned his B.S.M.E.from Rose- Hulman Institute of Technology in 1964,his M.B.A.from Butler University in 1968,and his D.B.A.from Indiana University in 1974.