Inspire, Summer 1998

4, A News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni Call Me Collect p aul Dixon genuinely loves Cedarville College students,past and present, and they know it. He has a standing offer with students and alumni: "If you ever have a need the rest of your life, call me collect." And they do. This year marks 20 years since Dixon accepted the call to become the eighth president of Cedarville College. His leadership style and chapel messages reflect his concern that the college family love and glorify God. Dr.Eugene Apple'97H,long-time friend ofthe College and former chairman ofthe Board ofTrustees, makes a significant observation about Dr.Dixon when he states,"The Board feels the most important thing the president does is maintain a godly example before the college family and the constituency." "Cedarville College is influencing students who will serve God all their lives," Dixon says,"and I believe that chapel is the heartbeat ofany Christian college.I am convinced that the decline ofChristian values at institutions of higher education which once were powerful influences for Christian truth and character is usually linked to the declining emphasis on chapel." In addition to benefitting from exhortation and the teaching of biblical truth, alumni will recall fun chapels as well,such as the fall quarter ice-breaker when Dr. Dixon recognizes students for all sorts of things: the most and youngest siblings,greatest distance away,and children ofalumni.In recent years his annual dandelion chapel messages have become more and more embellished. "The only explanation I can offer for the tremendous blessing on Cedarville College is God and the people He has brought to Cedarville—people who are dedicated to fulfilling Cedarville's mission: to provide an education consistent with biblical truth," says Dixon."God has brought trustees, vice presidents,faculty, staff, students,and friends—everyone contributes to Cedarville's success,especially Dr.James T. Jeremiah, my predecessor. It has been a privilege to build on the foundation the Lord laid here through Dr.Jeremiah's leadership." Early in his presidency,Dr.Dixon moved Cedarville into the strategic method ofinstitutional planning and management,a step that occurred several years before strategic planning became popular in higher education. Dr. Apple observes,"Dr. Dixon's activity in strategic planning has positioned the school in the new programs that have given Cedarville the growth opportunities it has experienced." Dixon was a step ahead of most colleges and universities when he ordered a feasibility study which resulted in the initial implementation six years ago ofCedarNet,the campuswide SUMMER 1998 computer network which has garnered two CAUSE Awardsfor Excellence in Campus Networking.The second CAUSE award came in December 1997 when the College was ranked as the top campus network in the nation among institutions with annual operating budgets ofless than $100 million. Under Dixon's watchful eye,Cedarville consistently operates with a balanced budget and does not accept direct government aid. He strongly supports Cedarville's position on free enterprise in classroom teaching as well as in practice. When Paul and Pat Dixon built their house,Bethany,"a Sabbath Day's walk"from the College,their intent was to make it a place of hospitality. Many alumni will remember spring receptions at the Dixon home when they were graduating seniors. Each year,the Dixons also invite the presidents of all the student organizations for a dinner meeting on"Leadership with Class.""Class is important in all arenas oflife," says Dixon."God created and said, continued on page1