Inspire, Winter 1995

News Publication for Cedarville College Alumni 11.S ire Traditions: Maintaining Our History WINTER 1995 M ost alums ofrecent years will remember Dr.Dixon's annual dandelion chapel message. Singing "Christ is All I Need," or"I Woke Up This Morning"is another Dixon tradition."Traditions are important," says Dr.Paul Dixon."They speak of maintaining your history, who you are, and your mission." The Dixon family abounds with traditions—those they established early in their marriage,those they observe with their son's family,and those they started and carry on at Cedarville College. As a couple,the Dixons chose Psalm 37:23 to engrave on their wedding rings. They also choose a verse for each year. This year's verse is Psalm 138:8,"The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me:thy mercy,0Lord,endureth for ever: forsake not the works ofthine own hands." The Christmas holidays are synonymous with family traditions. Each year,afriend in North Carolina secures a large Douglas fir for the Dixons' gathering room.They have Christmas trees in every room ofthe house,and now that grandchildren gladden their lives,there is a children's tree for the small ones to decorate. Scott'84 and Sara Beattie Dixon'84 have four children— Andrew(9),Benjamin(6),Anna(4),and Seth(2). Mrs.Dixon maintains a collection ofornaments for each child, each year adding to the collection. She intends to present the ornaments to the grandchildren when they marry.Oysters and dressing are traditional at Christmas, and black-eyed peas are served for New Years.The Dixons visit the college students in their decorated dorm rooms during the Christmas open houses. "Each year," says Mrs.Dixon,"I give Sara a 'slave week,' when I do whatever she would like done." Mrs.Dixon has kept clothing from special occasions,such as wedding wear and the first maternity dress,to pass on.The grandchildren are wearing some ofthe clothing Scott wore as a child. Cedarville College abounds with traditions that the Dixons began.They host receptions in their home each spring for the graduating seniors. Each year,they also invite the presidents of all the student organizations into their home for a meeting on "Leadership with Class." "Excellence is important in all arenas of life," states Dr.Dixon."God created and said,'It is good.' He did things with excellence,and so should we." Dr.Dixon started the Fall Convocation, the annual Charter Day beginning in 1986 with Cedarville's Centennial,and Charter Week to recall the college history. Alumni Week and the Homecoming Alumni Chapel have become traditions,as well as other special chapels presented by seniors, Who's Who honorees,and faculty and staff.The annual theme for the college year is prayerfully selected and visually presented on the wall behind the chapel platform. A Monday morning chapelis dedicated to recognizing students. Dr.Dixon gives prizes to students from the largest family,from the greatest distance,and many other catagories.The Sophomore Celebration Breakfast and ice cream social for President's Scholars are also Dixon traditions. Mrs. Dixon's talent for decorating is evident on the campus.Each season brings a different decor to the chapel platform. When the students return from Thanksgiving vacation,the %he Dixonfamily giallo-A..1a,- Homecoming 1995. Not pictured: Anna Dixon(4) campus has been transformed for the Christmas season. We are grateful for the Dixons' leadership and role modeling and for the traditions they have given us. Our Traditions