Centennial Library 2019-2020 Annual Report

CENTENNIAL LIBRARY CEDARVILLE UNIVERSITY 2019 - 20 ANNUAL REPORT MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN Our watchword in the library this year was “ flexibility. ” The disruption of work on and around our facilities was anticipated, but that paled in comparison to the disruptions brought by the COVID - 19 pandemic. We, along with the rest of the university, had to rapidly adjust to remote learning and working environments. The library staff quickly transitioned to delivering services online and adding digital resources that could support remote learning. We benefited greatly from having robust research support systems in place that already offered or easily adapted to an online - only context. The changes wrought by the pandemic validated our ongoing efforts to shift some financial resources from physical to digital materials. We were forced to learn new technologies and to adapt our face - to - face events and orientations. In some cases this expanded our ability to serve our patrons, and in others it highlighted the limitations of a digital environment. Other major operational tasks we undertook this year included cataloging and organizing the materials for the Warren and Betty Wiersbe Reading Room; rearranging audio - visual, journal, and CMC collections; piloting streaming video resources; completing the library website overhaul; equipping additional staff to assist with cataloging; and finalizing round one of the journal review process. VISION The Centennial Library will be an essential component of learning and scholarship at Cedarville University. MISSION The Centennial Library is intentional in offering exceptional service, delivering vital resources, providing productive spaces, and implementing critical solutions which prepare Cedarville University students for academic success, scholarly impact, vocational distinction, and spiritual growth.