Centennial Library E-News, January/February 2021

How has COVID-19 affected the library? The library instituted extra protocols and procedures in Fall 2020 to quarantine most returned library materials and to sanitize high-use library materials though some of these steps have been modified or rolled back for Spring 2021. Additionally, we have implemented the university’s Caring Well, Staying Well guidance for our spaces, operations, and personnel. Library usage has shown some change so far this year. Borrowing of library materials is down 25%, and even usage of digital resources has declined 6-8%. On the other hand, traffic in the library was only down 2% for Fall 2020 and the volume of research appointments is not far off of last year’s rate. So far in Spring 2021, traffic is up 10% compared with this period last year. Book Sale by the Numbers Since the Spring 2020 Library Book Sale was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Fall 2020 Book Sale was larger than normal. During the week-long sale, patrons purchased 5,232 items, raising $2,246 for the library’s Alumni Scholarship in Library Science. Mark your calendars -- the Spring 2021 Book Sale will occur during the week of April 5. Library Careers Program: Spring Independent Study Students Students who complete the fall semester library internship course have the opportunity to continue their exploration of the library science profession with a spring semester independent study course. Three students are enrolled for Spring 2021 and all have chosen to include components on graduate school preparation and collection development. English major Sarah Trigg is also studying young adult services. Music major Jacy Stahlhut is exploring research & instruction and digital institutional repositories. English major Anna Jennings is focusing on school libraries and library marketing. Julie Deardorff, Director of Collection Services & Associate Professor, serves as the course instructor, and all Centennial Library faculty contribute to the course in their areas of expertise. Sarah Trigg Jacy Stahlhut Anna Jennings