Centennial Library Shelf Life, March/April 2023

"One Nation Under God" Exhibit 3D Printing Upgrade Library Staff Recognitions Newsletter Highlights Library to host Assoc. of Christian Librarians True to the motto of the United States, “One Nation Under God,” the current Gallery exhibit highlights the role of the Bible in early America. The exhibit begins with the first Bible brought to America by the Puritans and Pilgrims, moves on to the first Bible printed in America and those that followed in the Colonies, and then to the rapid expansion in the 19th century of the printing and distribution of the Bible driven by the desire of many individuals, churches, and societies to provide and share the principles and message of God’s word. The Biblical Heritage Gallery is located in the upper level of the Centennial Library during regular library hours through the end of the semester. The exhibit is also available online. Notable News from the Centennial Library MAR / APR 2023 VOLUME 30 NUMBER 4 Biblical Heritage Gallery Exhibit: One Nation Under God SHELF LIFE Ever wanted to recommend a book to others? Is there a book that needs a wider audience or has something important to say on its topic or subject? We would be happy to consider your recommendation! Many of the items on our shelves came through the recommendation of faculty, staff, or students. Make your recommendation today! Help Us Purchase Books! Improved 3D printing in the MediaPLEX The library recently acquired a new 3D printer. The Bambu Lab X1C 3D printer, rated as a "Best Invention of 2022" by Time magazine, is empowering the Centennial Library to fulfill patrons orders faster, at higher quality, and with more features than ever before. For the library, the printer adds the feature of up to 4 colors per print job, and also automatic notifications of print failures. The lightweight core-xy motion system combined with innovative software allows for printing twice as fast as our previous printer. Additionally, the Automatic Material System allows for easier loading and unloading of filaments and reliable multicolor prints. Digital Commons reaches 3 million downloads

Each year the library honors outstanding employees with individual awards at a recognition event. This year the Top Scholar Award, recognizing the graduating senior with the highest GPA, was given to Rachel Nelson, a CMC student worker majoring in AYA Social Studies. Librarians in Town 2022-23 Library Staff Awards The library is hosting the 66th annual conference of the Association of Christian Librarians in June 2023. This marks the sixth time Cedarville University has served as the host, most recently in 2021 when the conference was virtual. This year’s program features a keynote on leadership, panel discussions on student staff and on embedding opportunities, and workshops ranging from ethics to information literacy. The four-day conference will see librarians from all across the country and beyond descend on Cedarville, OH, which also happens to be the location of the ACL Home Office. This conference allows librarians to hone their skills and professional excellence and to network and build relationships, all within the context of commitment to a biblical worldview. The SOAR Award is presented to a student assistant who demonstrates leadership, creativity, service, initiative, or performance that exceeds the normal expectations of his or her job description. The 2023 award honoree was Olivia Gilkeson, a Psychology major working in Circulation. The Student Choice Award allows student employees to recognize a peer who exemplifies excellent work traits. From among those nominated, the Student Staff Advisory Group selected Grace Gregory as the recipient of the 2023 Student Choice Award. Grace, a Visual Communication Design major, received the award based on her positive attitude and her ability to motivate and inspire others. The library’s STAR Award recipient is selected and nominated by his or her colleagues in the library. It recognizes employees who provide quality service, represent the library well, demonstrate teamwork, promote a constructive work environment, and/or are innovative in carrying out their job responsibilities. This year’s award winner was Joshua Michael, Dean of Library Services. Josh was recognized for his advocacy for the library, his emphasis on teamwork and communication, his willingness to try new ideas, and for shepherding the library through major disruptive events in the past several years. Rachel Nelson Josh Michael award presented by Julie Deardorff Grace Gregory Olivia Gilkeson

The Cedarville Review 2022-2023 issue is an eclectic collection of visual arts (ceramics, photography) and creative writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction) composed and edited by Cedarville undergraduate students. Join this year’s journey through pensive silence, taxing emotions, and sensory descriptions of life, nature, and make-believe while resting securely in the certainty that our God provides and sustains. The Cedarville Review is an annual undergraduate literary and arts journal published by the Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages. Cedrus Press renders the journal in both print and digital formats, and is the publishing service of DigitalCommons@Cedarville, the institutional repository of Cedarville University entrusted with sharing the institution's work with the world. DIGITAL COMMONS PUBLISHING CORNER 3 Million Downloads New Issue of The Cedarville Review On April 10, 2023, a reader from South Africa downloaded a student work entitled “The Blessing of Pain” from the English Literature and Modern Language publication The Idea of An Essay marking the 3,000,000th download from Digital Commons. Since 2013, the Digital Commons has made faculty and student scholarship, university publications and history, and library materials available to a global audience. The library celebrated this occasion with an open house reception on April 21 for Cedarville University faculty and staff. 3 MILLION! Library Careers Program: Centennial Library Scholarship The Centennial Library Scholarship in Library Science encourages the next generation of Christian librarians by providing tuition support for a library graduate degree. The Centennial Library faculty used a generous gift from a Cedarville University alumna to establish the scholarship in 1998. Students may apply during their senior year and for two years after graduation. The award is made directly to the graduate school in which the recipient is enrolled. Proceeds from the library’s book sales help to fund these scholarships, assisting Cedarville graduates with pursuing careers in libraries. Since it began, twenty-three scholarships have been awarded, helping CU alumni complete graduate library degrees at such schools as Kent State University, the University of Kentucky, Wayne State University, and the University of North Carolina. These graduates have gone on to work in libraries at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Denison University, Cedarville University, and public or school libraries across the United States.

Wants to grow in an understanding of Scripture, but is afraid that knowledge will make them arrogant; Is confused about the relationship between doctrine and Christian living; Is concerned that theological conviction promotes disunity and discord among Christians; Desires to grow in Christian maturity, but isn’t sure how theology fits into that desire. Dr. Ronnie Kurtz, Assistant Professor of Theology Fruitful Theology: How the Life of the Mind Leads to the Life of the Soul, B&H Books, 2022 Why do the theologians rage? Even a cursory scrolling of social media may lead you to the conclusion that you have to be angry to do theology. Sadly, our day is characterized by theological fighting—complete with harsh words, exaggeration, biting sarcasm, and the spirit of tearing down our brothers and sisters in Christ. But it does not have to be this way. In fact, it should not be this way. In Fruitful Theology, Ronni Kurtz swims upstream to counter this prevailing problem. Instead of theology leading to anger, division, and discord, this book shows that the life of the mind can actually lead to the fruit of the Spirit. Fruitful Theology is for anyone who: What if our speech and conduct were seasoned more with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control? How might the church’s unity be restored, and our witness be maximized, if we were characterized by the fruit of the Spirit instead of the spirit of our age? Theology may not be the most obvious candidate in helping reorient our life towards the fruit of the Spirit, but a right contemplation of God can indeed lead to right living for God, and that is exactly what this book hopes to explore. Spotlight on Faculty Publishing Faculty in Print Alumni in Print stop pretending everything is okay strengthen yourself in the Lord fight for your husband instead of with him discover 7 essential beliefs every marriage needs to survive broken places participate in your husband’s redemption story Dannah Gresh, Class of 1989 Happily Even After: Let God Redeem Your Marriage, Moody, 2023. Couples don’t ride off into the sunset after their honeymoon. The truth is marriage is hard. Maybe you’re in a place where you’re feeling that. You might even feel like this is the end. Bob and Dannah Gresh have been there. But they decided to participate in God’s redemption story. Together they discovered something better than romance: a love that endures. Whether your relationship is suffering from pornography, addiction, an affair, or just years of unhappiness, Jesus Christ can help you redeem the broken places of your marriage. In Happily Even After, Dannah is a friend who walks beside you and helps you: Dannah demonstrates how to forgive, live with joy, and hold your head high while you participate in His redemption story for your husband. You may feel like your story is over, but no one writes better—or happier—endings than Jesus.