Centennial Library E-News, November/December 2021

Biblical Heritage Gallery Cartwheelers Ride Again New Issue of Musical Offerings Newsletter Highlights Library Careers Program: Panel Discussion Course Reserves Service Centennial Library E-News The Centennial Cartwheelers once again thrilled onlookers with their intricate and disciplined maneuvers at the 2021 Homecoming Parade. The Cartwheelers, the Centennial Library’s precision book cart drill team, made their debut at the 2005 Homecoming Parade and have appeared in ten parades since then. This year’s team involved library faculty (and a daughter!), staff, student assistants, three library student interns, and invaluable additional support from the Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages and the Registrar’s Office. Our theme was Cinderella, with the carts being wheeled down the street by mice, the fairy godmother riding in the carriage, and Cinderella herself distributing candy to the awestruck spectators. More information about Ohio's premier library book cart drill team can be found here. Cartwheelers Ride Again! NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2021 VOLUME 29 NUMBER 2 Biblical Heritage Gallery Launches The library launched its Biblical Heritage Gallery this fall with “Born out of Persecution: The History of the Early Printed English Bible.” Using the Library’s extensive Bible Heritage Collection, this exhibit includes pages from the Tyndale (1535), Coverdale (1555), and Matthews (1537) Bibles, as well as complete copies of the Geneva (1595), Bishops (1584) and early King James (1613) Bibles, among others. The mission of the Biblical Heritage Gallery is to bring people in touch with the history, preservation, and influence of God’s Word, as well as the many godly heroes who gave their energies and sometimes their lives to assure access to God’s Word by all. The Gallery is located in the upper level of the library. The current exhibit is also viewable on the Digital Commons website and will be on display through the end of the semester. Tyndale Bible Leaf