Centennial Library Shelf Life, September/October 2023

Library Gets a New Look! “Leaving a Legacy” exhibit 2023 Library Interns Journal Published Textbooks on Reserve Newsletter Highlights Notable News from the Centennial Library SEP /OCT 2023 VOLUME 31 NUMBER 1 SHELF LIFE What do The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post all have in common? The answer: we can help you get access to each of them. Check out our guide on accessing these important information resources. Accessing Major Newspapers A New Look for the Library It was a busy summer inside the library – new paint, new carpet, new HVAC, and more. We moved books…we moved books back. We added some seating and a new reservable room. If you haven’t seen our remodeled space, stop in and check it out! Upcoming Events Sep 27 Faculty Lunch @ the Library Oct 9-13 Fall Book Sale Nov 13 Library Careers Dinner Goodbye wallpaper and old carpet! Before After CLICK HERE!

Keeping Up with New Books! Biblical Heritage Gallery Exhibit: “Leaving a Legacy: Cedarville Presidents, 1954 to 2023" Four students will be working as Centennial Library Interns this fall. Janelle Burd is a senior History major. Alexis Chandler and Rachel Crane are senior English majors. Justin Kemp is a junior Linguistics major. The library internship allows students to participate in a variety of activities, projects, and presentations with the goal of discovering if a library career is a good fit for their skills and interests. Interns also learn about graduate school options for pursuing a Master of Library & Information Science degree. This year’s interns will give a presentation at the annual Library Careers Dinner on November 13, as well as create book displays, attend a professional conference, and visit other types of libraries. The 3-credit course is taken as an English independent study and is open to students from any major. Course instructor Julie Deardorff expressed her appreciation for Dr. Annis Shaver’s enthusiastic support of the Library Careers Program during her time as Interim Chair of the Department of English, Literature & Modern Languages. James T. Jeremiah, 1954-1978 Paul Dixon, 1978-2003 William E. Brown, 2003-2013 Thomas White, 2013-present The Biblical Heritage Gallery in the Centennial Library presents the first historical exhibit of the 2023/24 season: “Leaving a Legacy: Cedarville Presidents, 1954 to 2023.” Using items from the University Archives, the exhibit highlights the milestones and events of the University during the last 70 years, as Cedarville grew from 100 students in the fall of 1953 to the current record enrollment, under the vision, leadership, and ministry of four presidents: Stop by the Gallery, located at the upper-level main entrance of the Centennial Library, on your way across campus, going to or from chapel, or after eating at Chick-fil-A. The exhibit is open during regular library hours until October 13. Library Careers Program: Fall 2023 Interns l to r: Justin, Lexi, Janelle, Rachel Did you know that the library adds about 5,000 print books to its collection each year? That is a lot of items to keep up with! If you want a quick way of staying up to date on our newest additions, use the New Materials button on our Faculty Resources page. New items are grouped by month and by collection for each of the last twelve months. But don’t ask us to help you find the time to read all of them!

The spring issue of Musical Offerings was published in May 2023 and includes articles written by two Cedarville 2023 graduates: Joanna Lauer and Joanna Setness. In her article, Lauer explores the Greek philosophers’ concept of “Music of the Spheres” while Setness follows with an elucidation of the four pillars of choral music education. Rounding out the spring issue, Finland’s path to nationhood is examined through the lens of the Kalevala, a collection of mythological stories which were sung before they were written down. We hope you enjoy this diverse range of topics spanning centuries and nations alike. Musical Offerings is an undergraduate journal of musicology published by the School of Arts and Humanities at Cedarville University. Musical Offerings publishes two issues a year under the editorial direction of Dr. Sandra Yang, Professor of Music History. The latest issue is available in print and online in DigitalCommons@Cedarville, the institutional repository of Cedarville University. DIGITAL COMMONS PUBLISHING CORNER Lockers Available in the Library New Issue of Musical Offerings Are you a student looking for a place to store books and other research materials? Have a major research project or independent study this semester? Our research lockers may be just the thing for you. You can reserve a locker for the semester to save carrying your books and research materials to and from the library. Apply for a locker online or scan the QR code. Textbooks at the Library Students, looking for a textbook? –The library has many course textbooks on reserve at the Service Desk! Check online to see if your textbooks for your courses are available. Faculty, looking to place a textbook on reserve? Email Julie Deardorff at deardorj@cedarville.edu or submit a request online.

Dr. Brandon Smith, Assistant Professor of Theology and New Testament The Trinity in the Book of Revelation: Seeing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in John’s Apocalypse, IVP Academic, 2022 Interpreting Scripture faithfully is a challenge with regard to any text and for any reader of the Bible. But perhaps no text confronts and confuses readers as much as the book of Revelation. With its vivid imagery and rich prophetic language, John's Apocalypse provokes and stirs our imaginations. Some have viewed it primarily as a first-century anti-imperial document. Others have read it as a book of prophecies or eschatological promises. Still others wonder why it is in the biblical canon at all. Theologian and biblical scholar Brandon Smith brings clarity to this question by reading the book of Revelation primarily as John's vision of the triune God. In conversation with early church theologians, including Irenaeus, Origen, Athanasius, and the Cappadocians, as well as modern biblical scholarship, Smith shows how John's vision can help us worship the one God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture, edited by Daniel J. Treier and Kevin J. Vanhoozer, promotes evangelical contributions to systematic theology, seeking fresh understanding of Christian doctrine through creatively faithful engagement with Scripture in dialogue with church tradition. Spotlight on Faculty Publishing Faculty in Print Alumni in Print meet and engage with loss in your everyday life, uncover the lies the world has told you about your grief, and point your feet toward hope and find a way to navigate your new life with loss and God beside you. Clarissa Moll, Class of 2000 Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living with Grief and Thriving After Loss, Tyndale, 2023. Sorrow is a dark and painful road. You don’t need to walk it alone. The Bible says that “God is near to the brokenhearted,” but what does that look like when you’re lost in the darkness of agonizing grief? How do you engage with your sorrow when the world tells you to shoulder through or move on? Award-winning writer and podcaster Clarissa Moll knows this landscape of loss all too well. Her life changed forever in 2019 when her husband, Rob, died unexpectedly while hiking―leaving her with four children to raise alone. In her debut book, Beyond the Darkness, Clarissa offers her powerful personal narrative as well as honest, practical wisdom that will gently guide you toward flourishing amidst your own loss. In the pages of Beyond the Darkness, you’ll learn how to Whether you’ve lost someone dear to you or you’re supporting a loved one as they mourn, you can learn to walk with grief. And as you do, you might be surprised to discover the path is wide enough for another companion, the Good Shepherd of your soul. Grief may walk with us for the rest of our lives, but Jesus will too.