Torch, Fall 1978

14 The Times and The Seasons Pat Landers Dixon "Beth, what are you doing? You've been sitting under this tree for ten minutes." "Oh, Mommy, I was just having the best THINK about my friend Charity." Q uite a feat-a singular ten minute THINK-for a four year old. Nearly 10,000 thoughts pass in and out of our minds daily. I am always amazed howwe women have so much to think about and to remember during the course of a day: "What am I having for dinner? Did Jean really mean what she said?Where are those purple socks? Was the meeting at 3:00 or 4 :00?" Wives and mothers not only need to think for today, but for the future. And, of course, stored in that homemaker's computer brain is the inventory of a six room house: everything from the tiniest article in the farthest comer of a drawer to the date of an expired warranty of a freezer. Americans are reading the best seller TM-Discovering Inner Energy and Overrunning Stress. The art of transcendental meditation is being preached everywhere through the media. Everyone is doing it. The Guru craze is passe; TM is the current fad. This twice a day folding of your knees fakir-like in a cushy chair, closing your eyes and drifting off to some cool inner netherworld is a very appealing practice for many people. ITINERARIES Dr. James T. Jeremiah, October 1-2 Central Baptist Church, Bradford, Ontario, 6-8 Independent Baptist Church, Blairsville PA, 11-15 Calvary Baptist Church, Ashland OH, 20- 30 Philippines; November 1-5 Twin City Bible Church, Nitro VN, 6-9 North American Fundamental Baptist Congress, Detroit Ml, 12-15 Calvary Baptist Church, Lapaz IN, 19-22 Immanuel Baptist Church, Columbus OH; Nov. 26 to Dec. 1 Immanuel Baptist Church, New Boston OH; December 3-6 Westridge Baptist Church, Fort Wayne IN, 8-10 Johnstown Independent Baptist Church, Johnstown OH. You say, "I simply don't have time for that-for meditation." Christian women, there is time. We are to meditate. God clearly commanded the process of meditation. To Joshua He said, "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night .. ." (Joshua 1:8) . Other verses which teach the value of meditation include Psalm 1:2; 19:14; 63:6; 119:97, 99, 148. We readily understand that we are to hear, to read, to study and to memorize the Word.What we do not seem to realize is that we are also to meditate upon it Up to now, I have not disciplined myself in this fruitful act, but God has convicted me of the necessity of ruminating His food. Try this. Start with the Psalms and read the number of the Psalm for the next day's date (for example, read Psalm 18 for October 18) just before going off to sleep. Ask the Holy Spirit to impress a thought on which to sleep and to meditate during the next day. If you awaken during the night, let your mind rest on that thought. Then at different times, perhaps at the three meal times of the next day, meditate again and again on it. Most importantly, share the verse-thought with someone. May we consistently say, "O how love I thy law! It is my meditation all the day" (Psalm 119:97) . THE BEST OF THE HOLY LAND AND SWITZERLAND MARCH 12-MARCH 21 DR . & MRS. JAMES T. JEREMIAH TOUR HOSTS For tour information write to: Dr. James T. Jeremiah Cedarville College Cedarville, OH 45314 Rev. Paul Dixon, October 1 Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves chapel, 6-8 Garfield Baptist Church, Milwaukee WI, 15 Bethlehem Baptist Church, Cleveland OH, 18 OARBC meeting, Northfield OH, 29 Cincinnati Bengals chapel; November 3-4Calumet Youth Rally, Griffith IN, 5 Griffith Bap– tist Church, Griffith IN, 8 Connersville Baptist Temple, Connersville IN, 11 BethanyAssociation Meeting, Niles, OH, 12 Calvary Baptist Church, Salem OH, 19 Grace Baptist Church, Westerville OH, 26 Calvary Baptist Church, B~esville OH; December 2 Hebron Youth Rally, Berea OH, 3 Fellowship Baptist Church, Lorain OH, 10 Lindale Baptist Church, Amelia OH, 17 Westwood Baptist Church, Cincinnati OH, 29 Wisconsin State Youth Rally, Milwaukee WI.