Torch, Fall 1978

i EVANGELIZE To evangelize or to fossilize, so it has been said, are the alternatives available to local churches today. We must win lost souls today or close church doors in the future . True, the saints must be taught, but there will be no saints to teach if we do not make every effort to reach the sinners. God– honoring, Christ-centered and Spirit– energized evangelism is the lifeblood of the New Testament church. This is not an evangelism planned for a series of meetings alone, but one that continually permeates every part of the church's ministry. When a church is indifferent to evangelism or discourages it by unbiblical teaching, the results in a fundamentalist church are about the same as they are in a liberal one. Paul's burden and motive for evangelism is expressed with conviction and clarity in 2 Corinthians