Torch, Fall 1979

10 N eighborhood Bible studies have provided one of the greatest thrills of my Christian !ife. It seems a miracle that an ordinary housewife like I should see homes put back together, whole families changed into vital working members of the Christian community, or a note from an exuberant new Christian. This letter was special because she found Christ through our study of the Word of God in a neighborhood Bible study. My experience with neighborhood Bible studies began when we moved to a new neighborhood. Unusually friendly neighbors obligated me with their many kindnesses, and I soon felt the prodding of the Lord to introduce them to Jesus Christ. That first Christmas, I wrote and delivered about 40 invitations to a Christmas tea including refreshments, a few carols and a Christmas message. About 25 ladies came and enjoyed the opportunity to see each other during the busy season. Before they left I invited them to a Bible study beginning at 10 a.m. the first Wednesday in January. Only two neighbors came the first week, but in a month eight came and