Torch, Fall 1979

14 The Times and the Seasons Pat Landers Dixon My husband has taught me many lessons in 19 years of marriage. The breaker box in the garage does have some relation to the electrical current in our house. Bream fish like crickets and catalpa worms for bait. The end of the week is not the best time to number all the checks I have written since the previous Monday. The most prized lesson was how to use certain "tools" in my personal Bible study. He did this as a true master teacher: by example and explanation. He shares his study and books with me. Sometimes, he comes very near to revoking the privilege when he finds my oil paints or odds and ends from my current craft fad stuffed in a study comer or cabinet. I have heard wives of pastors, other church personnel, laymen and seminarians say, "My husband has time to teach his church, his class, his young people, etc., but he never takes me by myself and teaches me." How sad! I do hope some of those men read this article and examine their responsibility in this area. True, a husband may teach while his wife sits among the listeners; individualized instruction is needed, too. Word studies are a favorite kind of Bible study for me.A particular word found in a verse or spoken in the pastor's message may capture my attention. For example, I am beginning a study of the words excel and excellence. Why should Christians-students, to be specific-try to excel in all they do? Or should they? Is the goal of achieving ITINERARIES President Paul Dixon, October 1-2 Wisconsin State Fall Rally (WARBC), Wisconsin Rapids, WI; 6 West Virginia Youth Rally, Paden City, WV; 7 Monongah Baptist Church, Monongah, WV; 8-9 Freedom Baptist Fellowship, Fellowship, Clarksburg, WV; 14 Faith Baptist Church, Greenville, OH; 21 Calvary Baptist Church, Bellefontaine, OH; 23-24 First Baptist Church, Gallipolis, OH; 28-31 Kansas City Baptist Temple, Kansas City, MO; November 10Tri-Cities Area Association of Independent Baptist Churches, Endwell, NY; 11 Park Avenue Baptist Church, Binghamton, NY; 17-18 Ridgewood Baptist Church, Joliet, IL; 21 Hagerman Baptist Church, Waterloo, IA (area Thanksgiving ser- excellence too full of pride? Mr. Dixon has also introduced me to certain books for use in study: Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible, W.E. Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, The New Englishman 's Greek Concordance, M.R. Vincent's Word Studies in the New Testament and William Barclay's New Testament Words. He also suggests I read books which discuss current theological topics. After I read them, we talk about them; I learn. In return for his teaching, I help him by scanning several religious magazines which come into our home monthly. Certain marked articles are left on his desk for him to read. They may contain information or topics for his preparation of messages. Or, there may be question marks in the margins concerning a statement which puzzles me. His instruction in Bible study has continued with our son. Our family has been using a systematic study of the New Testament for three years. We will finish that portion of the Bible in 1980. I remember when Paul showed his newborn son his books in 1962 and said, "Son, my books are your books. If you ever want to read them, just ask" At the time, his father's library was housed in two bookcases in our small apartment. This offer was carried through when Paul gave Scott a bibliography to aid his study of the Bible. After he read a book and reported its contents either orally or through a written page, a certain amount of money went into his college education bank account. Now, our son has begun his own library. Not only does my husband love me, he teaches me. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving him a heart to love, an ear to listen and a tongue to instruct. MARCH 17 to MARCH 29, 1980 WRITE TO: DR. JAMES T. JEREMIAH CHANCE'LLOR CEDARVILLE COLLEGE CEDARVILLE, OHIO 45314 (513) 766-2211 vices); 25 Bible Baptist Church, Kokomo, IN; December 9 Calvary Baptist Church, Ypsilanti, Ml. Chancellor James T. Jeremiah, October 1-3 Faith Baptist Church, Fowler, CO; 7 Grace Baptist Church, Pueblo, CO; 8-10 Colorado Pastors' Retreat; 10-12 Grace Baptist Church, Pueblo, CO; 13-17 Berean Baptist Church, Pueblo, CO; 21 South Holly Baptist Church, Lit– tleton, CO; November 2-4 Fellowship Baptist Church, Lorain, OH; 3 Hebron Youth Rally, Lorain, OH; 10-14 Baptist Mid-Missions, Immanuel Baptist Church, Fort Wayne, IN; 18-21, First Baptist Church, Blanchester, OH; 25-18 Chamblissburg Baptist Church, Moneta, VA; December 2-5 Pine Hills Baptist Church, Columbus, OH.