Torch, Fall 1979

2 CONTENTS THE BOOK OF BOOKS 3 DR. PAUL DIXON BUILT ON A FIRM FOUNDATION 4 DONALD A PARVIN BIBLIOGRAPHY 7 ACTIVITIES COMING TO THE CEDARVILLE CAMPUS 8 SOWING SEED, NURTURING GROWTH 10 KAY BAIER THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB 12 LYNN A BROCK THE TIMES AND THE SEASONS 14 PAT LANDERS DIXON Front Cover: The miracle of God's Word is that it is as releuant today as it was 2000 years ago. No matter where one goes. the Bible spans time and cultural barners, meeting the needs of people euerywhere. Back Cover: The uerse by William Cowper aptly illustrates the ability of the inspired Word to trans– cend age differences. giuing light to both young and old. I Photos by Stan Seeuers and Barbara Beikert)