Torch, Fall 1979

4 Built ona Firm Foundation THE NECESSITY FOR PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY Donald A Parvin Christian, do you enjoy Bible study? Parents, are your children enjoying Bible study? Teachers, are your students in Sunday School enjoying Bible study? Successful personal Bible study is the foundation to other forms of Bible study and teaching. Christians who have effective personal Bible study will enrich the lives of their children in family altar. Likewise, those Christians will be called upon to teach the Word of God in local churches. God used approximately 60 men during 1600 years to record His Word, totally free of error in the original autographs. You may rely completely upon its truth as the very Word of God. The Bible changes lives of Christians as well as non– Christians. The results of personal, family and group Bible study are exciting! Work and response are two keys to profitable Bible study. Personal Bible study must be a matter of "do or die" for a Christian if he intends to succeed. You must plan without fail to have your daily appointment alone with God. You must begin with determination each day that, by the Grace of God, this is going to take priority in your life. Once you discover the practical value of Bible study and have its words etched deeply in your mind and heart, you will not ever want to cancel your appointment with God and His Word. Response is the second key to successful personal Bible study. The Scriptures teach that spiritual truth will come to be known only as you